6 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Your Synthetic Leather Bags

Bags!! Who doesn't love them? It is one of women's essential items in the wardrobe. No woman live with only one bag. Trust me. 

Women have many different kinds of bags, whether it is a tote, crossbody, clutch or a messenger bag, it all caters for different occasion. Right, ladies?

But it is not always wise to get a new bag whenever fashion enters a new season. You may be surprised how your old bags can spice up your look if you take care of it properly.

Oh what? Your bags are mostly synthetic leather and its material cracks easily after a period of time?

Well, follow our guide here and we promise your bags will last for years!

Here are 6 simple ways to care for you bags

1. Use pouches to separate your make up case and jewellery

As much as you like dumping all your items into your bag because it's more convenient, make it a habit to store your make up casings and jewelries. This is so you can avoid spills and jewellery scratches on the lining of your bag. Better yet, it helps you organised and find your items quicker!

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2. Own a pen with a cap

It is always useful to have a note book and a pen in your bag. But, try to use pens with caps, instead of click pens. This is to avoid any ink spills or unnecessary "drawings" on the lining of your bag. I've personally experienced it oh-so-many times. So please, use a pen with caps! 


Pens with cap



3. Clean spills and dirt on your bag IMMEDIATELY before it stains

It is always wise to clean your bag once every 2 weeks. You wouldn't know how dusty your bag can be after a week, especially if you carry your bag to places that are smoky or oily. We suggest you do a little clean up whenever you're back from smoky or oily places to avoid stains on your bag. Baby wipes can do the trick for you!


4. Stuff your bag with pillow or acid-free tissue paper 

If you are not planning to use the bag, do not just leave it in your wardrobe. Make it a habit to stuff pillow, scarfs, shawls or acid-free tissue paper in the bag so it will not loose its shape. This applies to both soft and hard bags. Though harder material bags have stronger structure, you shouldn't take it for granted. It can, too, lose its shape over time.

Also, remember to remove handbag straps and wrap the zippers and other metallic ornaments with tissue paper so it will not leave stains on the bag over time.

Livlola Harper Tote, 4 ways to care for your bag



5.  Make sure you put it into a dust bag and keep it in a dry and chill area. Avoid heat or direct sunlight.

If you would like to store your handbags, make sure you put it in a dust bag (many brands will provide a dust bag when you purchase a bag. Keep them!). Dont store them in plastic bags as it may damage your bag. If you do not have a dust bag, try using non woven bag or pillow casings. Ensure that it allows air flow into the bag.


Livlola Rimeur Black women's work bag 


6. Do not hang your bags if it's idle

We know you have bags for work and bags for the weekend, and you would turn to your work bag once the weekend is over. But don't hang the bags if you're not planning to store it in your wardrobe. You will only distort your bag over time, and it can also destroy the handle of your bag if you leave heavy items in them. 

Place it on the ground or store it in your wardrobe if you are not using it.

Hanging bags

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We hope these few tips can help prolong the life of your bags. Let us know how else do you care for your bag. We would love to hear them!




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