STYLEGUIDE : Fall/Winter 2017

Summer was fun. We've got to wear less, head out to the beach with our favourite basket bag and consume cocktails like no tomorrow. Friends, laughter, stupid times, exploring the was a good memory.

Now the leaves turn brown, and the temperature is dropping. It is time to put on something warm, pucker up with a bold colored lipstick and switch up your summer bag to something that complements your Fall/Winter wardrobe.

Missed out on the Fall/Winter'17 fashion show? Fret not, let us guide you through the key highlights of this season's fashion show.

You're welcome, in advance.


1. Pale Pink / Nude

YASS! We are a big fan of the color pink and it is clear that pink is now the new black. Black has always been a stronger color, portraying a dark, mysterious character, while pink is commonly portrayed as a weaker, vulnerable character.

Nonetheless, the color pink now exudes a powerful, yet feminine sensation as our society have developed a more open mindset. Women today has the freedom to join the workforce and make a difference. The best thing? We are no longer dependant on men.

 livlola fall winter trends max mara, carolina herrera, nina ricci


Khloe clutch livlola fall winter 2017 bag trend

Khloe Clutch

Kathleen Crossbody

Cathy Crossbody Wristlet



The color red can be intimidating at times. It's bold, energetic and definitely a headturner. If you are all about putting yourself out there, making a statement as you strut down the alley, red is definitely the color to go, sista!

LIVLOLA fall winter 2017 bag trend red, max mara, versace, fendi


LIVLOLA ashlee bowler fall winter 2017 bag trends

Ashlee Bowler Leather Bag

3. Burgundy

You can call it rosewood, maroon, oxblood, or dark purple. Burgundy is a modern, classic colour, and the best thing? It is timeless. We have seen this color in most of the runways for Fall 2016, and it is definitely back again in 2017. 

If red is too "loud" for you, try Burgundy. You would be surprised as it can be worn with much more than you think.

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 trends, victoria beckham, michael kors, carolina herrera

LIVLOLA bucket bag fall winter 2017 bag trends burgundy

Eriqa Bucket Bag

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 bag trends burgundy

Cyra Leather Tote Bag


4. Chocolate Brown

Sometimes a girl's gotta have some chocolate! Chocolate brown may be a color from our parents' era (you can probably find a good work jacket from your dad's closet), but this Fall, it is making a come back. 

Earthy tone is trendy this Fall, and you probably want to own a piece of this rich earthy hue because you will be seeing a lot of it on the street this Fall.

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 trends brown, Chloe, balmain, max mara

LIVLOLA Leather work bag fall winter 2017 trends

Ashlee Bowler Leather Bag

Kathleen Crossbody

5. Check check CHECKERED / Grey

Checkered is a very English pattern, and definitely timeless. You probably seen a checkered coat on your parents when you were younger. This checkered print style is back, and better! Something you should definitely have in your wardrobe.

*Tips: Invest in a good checkered jacket or trench coat. Definitely a good fashion piece that will keep your wallet zipped for a long time. 

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 trends checkered

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 bag trend checkered

Lindsey Bucket Bag

 LIVLOLA fall winter 2017 trends checkered

Olena Crossbody Wristlet


We hope you enjoy reading our list of the latest fashion trend this Fall/Winter 2017. For more fashion and style tips, click here.




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