The Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Have you ever find yourself finding for a pair of sunglasses that is "trending" and found that it doesn't do justice to you when you try it on? Yes, it looks cool on Victoria Beckham and great on Kendall Jenner. But it doesn't look the same on you.

No worries, me love. Your world is not going to end. Let us sort you out with the perfect sunglasses that suits your face best and guards against sun's rays or even camera flashes! 

It is not because ONLY celebrities wear it better, but the sunglasses just doesn't fit the shape of your beautiful face. 

Tip 101, before picking up a pair of sunglasses, it is wise to know the shape of your face

Face Shape

But if you are not certain about the shape of your face, don't fret. We have covered it in this column! So read up, ladies.


1. If you have a heart shaped face like Reese Witherspoon, you will find that your face is shorter, broader at the top which makes your forehead looks prominent, and ends with a pointy chin.

Your perfect sunglasses: Frames that are wider at the top to elongate your look, and round at the bottom to direct attention downwards. 

Reese Witherspoon

Credit: Fullhdpictures


Lovey Lo

LOVEY LO (RM79.00)




2. If you have an oval shaped face like Jessica Alba or Charlize Theron, you will find that your face is slightly longer. They call oval face the "ideal" face shape as the face line gracefully tapers down the chin. Call yourself lucky, girl!

Oval shaped face also have a prominent forehead, but it is not as prominent as a heart-shaped face, whilst you may find your check bone stands out stronger. 

Your perfect sunglasses: Since oval face is an ideal face shape. You can carry frames that are round and square, even big and small frames. You just have to find the best shades that suits your style.

Charlize Theron


LIVLOLA The Straight Dope

The Straight Dope (RM79.00)

LIVLOLA Brooklyn

Brooklyn (RM79.00)


3.  If you have a round shaped face doesn't mean you are fat, in fact it gives you a softer and feminine look. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Kate Bosworth are a few that has a round shaped face that many adores. Round shaped face typically have its width and height equivalent, and it is widest at the cheeks.

Your perfect sunglasses: You get to wear fun sunglasses with angular frames, or rectangle frames for a longer and thinner look.

Miranda Kerr
Credit: Instyle
Livlola Joyride
4. If you have a square shaped face like Keira Knightley and Angelina Jolie, you are a natural head turner. You have a wider forehead and a strong jaw line - which has always been your best feature. 

Your perfect sunglasses: Frames that are round to balance out your striking jaw line and accentuates your eyes.


Keira Knightley

Credit: Pinterest


Livlola Lovey Lo

LOVEY LO (RM79.00)

Livlola Brooklyn



We hope you find these tips helpful for your next sunglasses purchase! If you can't seem to grasps which type of sunglasses suits your face or would like to know more types of sunglasses that would look great on you, the easiest way is to first understand the shape of your face, then refer to the celebrities, influencers or your idol that has the same shape as yours! 

If you would like to share more information or queries about anything under the sun, leave us a comment below!





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