Top Summer Bags That Takes Your Summer Vacay To A Whole New Level

Summer - the season of fun, exploration and all things wild. 

Whether you're enjoying the salty breeze in Bali, or hangin' out with your babes in the city, you definitely need to up your style game this summer. Sorry, but you have to throw your leather tote bag into the closet and switch it up for a lighter and smaller bag that you can travel with.

Here are the Top Summer Bags that you may end up having them all.


1. Aloha Crossbody

This bag says everything about the sun, sand and sea. Not only it has coconut trees printed around it, it is also durable, versatile and practical. You can fit in your phone, purse and make up essentials and still look summer ready. Aloha Crossbody comes with a detachable crossbody chain so you can wear it how ever you want!

Aloha crossbody LIVLOLA


2. Summer Pine

"This is the cutest bag ever", says Amy. And yes, it is! This "pineapple" straw bag doesn't only look cute on the outside, it is pretty roomy on the inside. So you don't have to worry about not fitting in your belongings because it is roomy enough to store your phone, purse, keys and other essentials. Moreover, it is only at $32. Definitely a steal!


3. Sandra Straw Bag

Everything about this bag speaks summer! This light weight straw bag is dramatic and it's a perfect fit for your summer maxi dress!

Sandra strawbag LIVLOLA 


4. Khloe Clutch

Summer party calls for something light, fresh and fun. Put away your little Chanel bag because Khloe Clutch will win the crowd. This is definitely a headturner.  Khloe Clutch LIVLOLA


5. Lulla Crochet Tote

Need a larger bag this summer to store all of your towels, snacks, camera and all of your heavy weight items? This is the perfect bag for you! It is 100% handmade, which gives it a lot more strength to hold onto your heavy weight items without breaking the handle.

Lulla Crochet Tote LIVLOLA

Lulla Crochet Tote

Lulla mini crochet Tote LIVLOLA

Lulla Mini Crochet Tote


6. Peppe Bucket Bag

Yes! Bringing in the boho style this summer. If you're not a person who likes to organise things, you should get this bag this summer. Your secret is safe with Peppe. 


7. Eriqa Bucket Bag

Round-shaped bucket bag is trending this summer. If you're looking for something a little more structured, modern piece this summer. We've got you covered! This minimalistic rosewood bucket bag fits any summer outfit. The best thing? It is roomy enough to store all of your essentials. It is a win-win, defo! 

Eriqa Bucket bag LIVLOLA summer


Let us know where you are going to spend your summer this year! We would love to hear them.






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