What We Love About Chanel Data Center SS17

Okay ladies, Karl Lagerfeld has done it again. Chanel's SS17 fashion show has become the most talked about fashion show this year. This is not your typical fashion show.

Chanel have turned a data center into a fashion runway. 

Imagine your life without the telephone and the next step will be artificial intelligence and robots,” Karl Lagerfeld told Reuters TV. 

If you have been hiding in a cave for the longest time, you have got to watch the ultimate Chanel Data Center SS17 fashion show.

Now you have watched the video, does it hit you harder that technology is now taking over us in every aspect - communication, entertainment, fashion, education...and so much more! It's daunting, yet exciting! Anyway, here's what we love about Chanel's SS17 fashion show:

1. Daft Punk-inspired bots with Chanel's signature tweed suits

Chanel's fashion show started with 2 glamorous human robots twinning with the iconic Chanel tweed suits in black and white. These robots looks like what seem to be a mix of Stormtroopers and Daft Punk. Nevertheless, it looks uh-mazzzing! We bet if Chanel sells the head gear of this robots, you will definitely see a long line outside of Chanel's store, just like how people queued up for Supreme's brick.

Chanel robots

Source: buro247


2. The revival of 80's, 90's fashion

Chanel's ready-to-wear SS17, in conjunction with its theme - data center Chanel, has an array of clothing with technicolor and kaleidoscopic digital prints. We see girls with "loud" baseball caps, oversized suits, huge earrings, strong & bold necklaceses and list goes on and on.

Chanel SS17

Source: Telegraph

Chanel SS17

Source: Photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans

Chanel Karl Lagerfeld

Source: Chanel Instagram 


3. Chanel Accessories and LED bags - the ultimate fashion technology

LED BAGS?! WHAT?!! Karl Lagerfeld is taking fashion in a whole new different level. The LED bags could apparently flash "Hello", "How are you?" and of course the brand "Chanel" with a built-in micro lights. Watch the video below, you may spot the bag in action!


4. The backdrop

It is nothing fancy or dramatic like other fashion shows this season, just a few blocks of machines with colorful wires. Then again, there's something that we like about it. It makes an average data center looks so majestic and beautiful. The backdrop is muse on the digital age that has completely changed the fashion industry.

Chanel data center

Source: Chanel


There's so much to love about Chanel's SS17 fashion show. Don't you wish to be there to witness it in person? Hehe!

Let us know what you like about Chanel's SS17 fashion show in the comment below!





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