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This recent years in fashion, it is all about downsizing.  Mini bags and micro-mini bags have took over the fashion world. It is spotted in most of the fashion shows, on every celebrities, social influencers and top fashion models. I mean, who can resist a cute little Fendi bag.

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Ever wonder what drove the mini handbag fashion trend? What if we say it has something to do with the economy?

No doubt that the (mini bag) trend was led by top fashion brands, like Chanel, Gucci, Chloe, and Fendi. It was and still is the must-have fashion piece that all girls should have in their wardrobe. Not only it carries weight off your shoulders, it is also a fun way to make a statement to your outfit.

On the brand/manufacturer's side, producing mini handbags is a way to increase customer base and ultimately, increase or sustain sales. The world's economy has not been in a good cycle and customers have been holding back on expenses.

So by producing mini handbags, brands can lower the price of item and still maintain their product quality. This gives them a better chance to convert the masses (which is often the larger portion of the population) in purchasing their product. 

Think of it, more people can own a Chanel bag now because it is more affordable.

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However, it(mini bags) has its own disadvantage because you can't fit EVERYTHING in a small bag. This is especially true and stressful for women who are constantly on the go and needs to have EVERYTHING in their bag (ie. umbrella, shawl, books, water bottle, snacks...). The most asked question or concern about mini bags that we have gathered through our customers and research reports, is if it fits their phone or/and their purse. Many of us have gotten ourselves huge smartphone and long wallet which makes it tougher or rather troublesome to carry a mini/small handbag.

So, some of us ended up sacrificing our wallet and dump all of our cash, coins and receipts in a little compartment in the bag. Sounds familiar?

This has got to stop.


Embracing the Konmari Method

For those who doesn't know, or haven't heard of the Konmari method, in short, it is an organising method that gather one's belonging, categorising it and keeping only the things that matter, then placing it at one place at a time.

We love the Konmari method and we believe that minimalist, simple and organised living can improve one's productivity and success.

Mini bags are great and its living the Konmari principal! It redefines what's essential and forces us to stick with the fundamental : Wallet, iPhone and your favourite lipstick.


Introducing....the "Wallet Bag"

What is the use of a mini bag if it couldn't fit any of your essentials. We hear your concerns.

Liv Crossbody Wristlet  is designed to simplify your life by providing the compartments you need to organise your essentials like cash, coins, cards, lip balm, keys...etc, so you can find them easilyIt also has an individual phone pouch that fits your iPhone+, which is secured outside of the main body (aka the wallet) so you can get hold of your phone immediately, without flashing your cash and credit cards.


Still not convinced? It is a 3-way bag, at which you can hold it as a purse or wristlet, or wear it as a crossbody if you need both of your hands free.  The best thing is, it fits your passport! So with Liv Crossbody Wristlet, you can have all of your absolute essentials in one hand (an all-in-one bag). 

Made perfect for working ladies & wanderlusters.


If you love the idea of our new "wallet bag" and wish to own it, pre order now and get 20% off right away!





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