STYLEGUIDE : Fall/Winter 2017

STYLEGUIDE : Fall/Winter 2017

Summer was fun. We've got to wear less, head out to the beach with our favourite basket bag and consume cocktails like no tomorrow. Friends, laughter, stupid times, exploring the was a good memory.

Now the leaves turn brown, and the temperature is dropping. It is time to put on something warm, pucker up with a bold colored lipstick and switch up your summer bag to something that complements your Fall/Winter wardrobe.

Missed out on the Fall/Winter'17 fashion show? Fret not, let us guide you through the key highlights of this season's fashion show.

You're welcome, in advance.


1. Pale Pink / Nude

YASS! We are a big fan of the color pink and it is clear that pink is now the new black. Black has always been a stronger color, portraying a dark, mysterious character, while pink is commonly portrayed as a weaker, vulnerable character.

Nonetheless, the color pink now exudes a powerful, yet feminine sensation as our society have developed a more open mindset. Women today has the freedom to join the workforce and make a difference. The best thing? We are no longer dependant on men.

 livlola fall winter trends max mara, carolina herrera, nina ricci


Khloe clutch livlola fall winter 2017 bag trend

Khloe Clutch

Kathleen Crossbody

Cathy Crossbody Wristlet



The color red can be intimidating at times. It's bold, energetic and definitely a headturner. If you are all about putting yourself out there, making a statement as you strut down the alley, red is definitely the color to go, sista!

LIVLOLA fall winter 2017 bag trend red, max mara, versace, fendi


LIVLOLA ashlee bowler fall winter 2017 bag trends

Ashlee Bowler Leather Bag

3. Burgundy

You can call it rosewood, maroon, oxblood, or dark purple. Burgundy is a modern, classic colour, and the best thing? It is timeless. We have seen this color in most of the runways for Fall 2016, and it is definitely back again in 2017. 

If red is too "loud" for you, try Burgundy. You would be surprised as it can be worn with much more than you think.

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 trends, victoria beckham, michael kors, carolina herrera

LIVLOLA bucket bag fall winter 2017 bag trends burgundy

Eriqa Bucket Bag

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 bag trends burgundy

Cyra Leather Tote Bag


4. Chocolate Brown

Sometimes a girl's gotta have some chocolate! Chocolate brown may be a color from our parents' era (you can probably find a good work jacket from your dad's closet), but this Fall, it is making a come back. 

Earthy tone is trendy this Fall, and you probably want to own a piece of this rich earthy hue because you will be seeing a lot of it on the street this Fall.

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 trends brown, Chloe, balmain, max mara

LIVLOLA Leather work bag fall winter 2017 trends

Ashlee Bowler Leather Bag

Kathleen Crossbody

5. Check check CHECKERED / Grey

Checkered is a very English pattern, and definitely timeless. You probably seen a checkered coat on your parents when you were younger. This checkered print style is back, and better! Something you should definitely have in your wardrobe.

*Tips: Invest in a good checkered jacket or trench coat. Definitely a good fashion piece that will keep your wallet zipped for a long time. 

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 trends checkered

LIVLOLA Fall Winter 2017 bag trend checkered

Lindsey Bucket Bag

 LIVLOLA fall winter 2017 trends checkered

Olena Crossbody Wristlet


We hope you enjoy reading our list of the latest fashion trend this Fall/Winter 2017. For more fashion and style tips, click here.




Top Summer Bags That Takes Your Summer Vacay To A Whole New Level

Top Summer Bags That Takes Your Summer Vacay To A Whole New Level

Summer - the season of fun, exploration and all things wild. 

Whether you're enjoying the salty breeze in Bali, or hangin' out with your babes in the city, you definitely need to up your style game this summer. Sorry, but you have to throw your leather tote bag into the closet and switch it up for a lighter and smaller bag that you can travel with.

Here are the Top Summer Bags that you may end up having them all.


1. Aloha Crossbody

This bag says everything about the sun, sand and sea. Not only it has coconut trees printed around it, it is also durable, versatile and practical. You can fit in your phone, purse and make up essentials and still look summer ready. Aloha Crossbody comes with a detachable crossbody chain so you can wear it how ever you want!

Aloha crossbody LIVLOLA


2. Summer Pine

"This is the cutest bag ever", says Amy. And yes, it is! This "pineapple" straw bag doesn't only look cute on the outside, it is pretty roomy on the inside. So you don't have to worry about not fitting in your belongings because it is roomy enough to store your phone, purse, keys and other essentials. Moreover, it is only at $32. Definitely a steal!


3. Sandra Straw Bag

Everything about this bag speaks summer! This light weight straw bag is dramatic and it's a perfect fit for your summer maxi dress!

Sandra strawbag LIVLOLA 


4. Khloe Clutch

Summer party calls for something light, fresh and fun. Put away your little Chanel bag because Khloe Clutch will win the crowd. This is definitely a headturner.  Khloe Clutch LIVLOLA


5. Lulla Crochet Tote

Need a larger bag this summer to store all of your towels, snacks, camera and all of your heavy weight items? This is the perfect bag for you! It is 100% handmade, which gives it a lot more strength to hold onto your heavy weight items without breaking the handle.

Lulla Crochet Tote LIVLOLA

Lulla Crochet Tote

Lulla mini crochet Tote LIVLOLA

Lulla Mini Crochet Tote


6. Peppe Bucket Bag

Yes! Bringing in the boho style this summer. If you're not a person who likes to organise things, you should get this bag this summer. Your secret is safe with Peppe. 


7. Eriqa Bucket Bag

Round-shaped bucket bag is trending this summer. If you're looking for something a little more structured, modern piece this summer. We've got you covered! This minimalistic rosewood bucket bag fits any summer outfit. The best thing? It is roomy enough to store all of your essentials. It is a win-win, defo! 

Eriqa Bucket bag LIVLOLA summer


Let us know where you are going to spend your summer this year! We would love to hear them.






Embrace the Konmari method with Liv

Embrace the Konmari method with Liv

This recent years in fashion, it is all about downsizing.  Mini bags and micro-mini bags have took over the fashion world. It is spotted in most of the fashion shows, on every celebrities, social influencers and top fashion models. I mean, who can resist a cute little Fendi bag.

Top fashion brand mini bags, LIVLOLA blog

Source:  Pinterest


Ever wonder what drove the mini handbag fashion trend? What if we say it has something to do with the economy?

No doubt that the (mini bag) trend was led by top fashion brands, like Chanel, Gucci, Chloe, and Fendi. It was and still is the must-have fashion piece that all girls should have in their wardrobe. Not only it carries weight off your shoulders, it is also a fun way to make a statement to your outfit.

On the brand/manufacturer's side, producing mini handbags is a way to increase customer base and ultimately, increase or sustain sales. The world's economy has not been in a good cycle and customers have been holding back on expenses.

So by producing mini handbags, brands can lower the price of item and still maintain their product quality. This gives them a better chance to convert the masses (which is often the larger portion of the population) in purchasing their product. 

Think of it, more people can own a Chanel bag now because it is more affordable.

The blonde salad at LIVLOLA

Source: The Blonde Salad @ Pinterest


However, it(mini bags) has its own disadvantage because you can't fit EVERYTHING in a small bag. This is especially true and stressful for women who are constantly on the go and needs to have EVERYTHING in their bag (ie. umbrella, shawl, books, water bottle, snacks...). The most asked question or concern about mini bags that we have gathered through our customers and research reports, is if it fits their phone or/and their purse. Many of us have gotten ourselves huge smartphone and long wallet which makes it tougher or rather troublesome to carry a mini/small handbag.

So, some of us ended up sacrificing our wallet and dump all of our cash, coins and receipts in a little compartment in the bag. Sounds familiar?

This has got to stop.


Embracing the Konmari Method

For those who doesn't know, or haven't heard of the Konmari method, in short, it is an organising method that gather one's belonging, categorising it and keeping only the things that matter, then placing it at one place at a time.

We love the Konmari method and we believe that minimalist, simple and organised living can improve one's productivity and success.

Mini bags are great and its living the Konmari principal! It redefines what's essential and forces us to stick with the fundamental : Wallet, iPhone and your favourite lipstick.


Introducing....the "Wallet Bag"

What is the use of a mini bag if it couldn't fit any of your essentials. We hear your concerns.

Liv Crossbody Wristlet  is designed to simplify your life by providing the compartments you need to organise your essentials like cash, coins, cards, lip balm, keys...etc, so you can find them easilyIt also has an individual phone pouch that fits your iPhone+, which is secured outside of the main body (aka the wallet) so you can get hold of your phone immediately, without flashing your cash and credit cards.


Still not convinced? It is a 3-way bag, at which you can hold it as a purse or wristlet, or wear it as a crossbody if you need both of your hands free.  The best thing is, it fits your passport! So with Liv Crossbody Wristlet, you can have all of your absolute essentials in one hand (an all-in-one bag). 

Made perfect for working ladies & wanderlusters.


If you love the idea of our new "wallet bag" and wish to own it, pre order now and get 20% off right away!





5 Things You Need to Know About Leather

5 Things You Need to Know About Leather

If you have been with us for a while now, you should noticed that we have increased our collection of leather bags recently. We know that a good quality bag goes a long way, even better if it is a timeless fashion piece.

Genuine leather bags are like gold jewelries. It is something your mom probably have told you that she will hand it down to you so you can hand it down to your children (even though it may be her excuse to own more bags/jewelries. hehe!). Truth is, it is a legacy.


Don't you love the smell of real leather? We do.

We have been learning so much about leather from our craftsmen ever since we started developing our own handmade products. Since we are crazy over leather now, we thought it would be great to share some knowledge with you!

Here are the 5 things you need to know about leather.

1. Leather can be water resistant

As much as we hate walking in the rain with our brand new leather bag, shoes or jacket, most of the leather used commercially are treated for water resistance to some degree. It is commonly treated with oil. However, if your leather good is in contact with water or liquid for a long time, not treating it right away will leave water spots which can't be removed easily.

Thank God for Saffiano leather, which was famously seen in Prada bags. The distinct rough cross hatch design is in fact invented by the man himself, Mario Prada. Because of its unique emboss design, it is incredibly water resistant and scratch resistant, making the bag super practical for a girl boss like you!

Prada bag


Saffiano leather



2. Italian Leather is the crème de la crème. Hmm...really?

Tuscany Italy Leather tanning

Source: CUERO

Italian leather was the best. Don't get us wrong. It is still one of the best leathers in the world. But what made it the best? Is it still world's best?

There are articles saying Italian leather is the most long-lasting leather, it can withstand daily wear and tear and it reduces the drudgery. We agree. But the key to note here is not the "Italian" leather that is the best, it is their tanning process and the standards set by the Italian tanners that made their leather the best. Over time, this process was learned and taught in many other countries, which is why we can't really say Italian Leather is the best.



3. One of the process of leather tanning requires animal brain (literally).

traditional leather tanning

Source: Pinterest

"Braining" is a traditional leather tanning process where it uses the animal's brain and water to make a mixture to soften the hide and make it pliable. But why use the brain of an animal? The brain of an animal is used traditionally as a source of emulsified oil. However, some tanners use eggs or a mixture of oil and soap, which can also achieve the same result as animal brain.

With the technology advancement today, braining is no longer being used in mass production because it is very time consuming. 



4. Handmade leather products are so expensive! Why?


Saddle stitch leather

Handmade leather bags are more durable than machine-made because of its stitching technique, commonly known as saddle stitch. Saddle stitch uses 2 needles going through the leather in both sides, locking each stitch as it goes. Hence, if the thread broke at any side, it will not affect the whole line, maintaining its strength to hold the leather together. A good saddle stitch usually appears to be slightly slanted. 

Though it may sound simple, but a certain amount of training and practice is needed to perfect the stitch.





5. Not all leather are DEAD.

Have you ever had a leather purse that appears darker in color  (usually a shade darker) over time? We are not talking about the oil stain or dust stains that got caught onto your leather bag over time, which can be cleaned or washed away with chemical solution. 

What we are saying is, the leather changes its color beautifully over the time of usage, without looking dull and old. Vegetable tanned leathers are natural leathers that is not processed, hence it is "alive" at which it changes color when it's exposed, unlike chrome leather and Saffiano leather that doesn't change its color over time.

Vege tanned leather

Source: Friday & River


We hope this article helps you understand more about leather!

Do share your thoughts if you have anything to add to this piece! We would love to hear them.




5 Reasons Why Accessories Are So Important for Women

LIVLOLA accessories top reasons

"Clothes without accessories is like sex without orgasm." - Robert Lee Morris

Sure, clothing is a staple. It keeps us warm, protect us from sun rays and accentuates our bodies. However, life will be so dull if there is only clothes to play with. In fact, we will look so uniformed and our personalities and style will be hidden inside us. 

When we talk about accessories, it does not only limit to jewelries. Handbags, sunglasses, belts, shoes are also part of accessories. And we dare say, no woman today live without a single accessory in their wardrobe.

Accessories are just as important as clothing. Here are 5 reasons why it is so important for women:

1. It is Fun and Exciting


Admit it. You have over accessorised when you were younger, because the accessories looked so good and you got to flaunt it all in one night. Hehe! It is always fun and exciting to be your own stylist, pairing the right accessories to your outfit, for the right occasion. It can also elevate your mood!

But be careful not to over accessorise as looking like a christmas tree can be a fashion disaster.


2. Creates different look


Same outfit, not a problem. Accessorise!

You can own many basics and let accessories do the magic! With the right accessories, it can take you to 3 occasions. You'll be surprised. 


3. Amplify your personality

Accessorising is also another avenue to express yourself and your style. While your choice of clothes says everything about your style and preference, accessories help to take it to the next level. In fact, clothing and accessories work hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

"Accessories is an exclamation point to a woman's outfit." - Michael Kors

importances of accessories

LIVLOLA Accessories


4. Save money and time

LIVLOLA sunglasses accessories

Shopping for clothing needs more time compared to shopping for accessories. There are just so many evaluation points before purchasing an outfit: Does it accentuate my body? Does the color matches my skin tone? Do they have the right size for me? and many more...

Accessories are easier and have a relatively shorter decision making process. What ever looks great and if it's your style, you will definitely get it. What more, accessories are inexpensive.

Like what we mentioned in point #2, accessories can give many different looks to an outfit. So indirectly, it helps you to save money and time!


5. Creates conversation

Believe it or not, accessories can be a conversation starter. It is always nice to start a conversation by complimenting something nice about that person.

Imagine if you are seated next to a lady with a pair of emerald earrings that you have been looking for months, you can't help yourself but to lean forward and ask where did she get her earrings from. Similarly, if you are wearing something that someone was dying to get it, you will definitely get a "Hi" from that person.


And that's our top 5 reasons why accessories are so important for women. So learn to accessorise and have fun! It is just as important as your outfit.

By the way, we have just had some new arrivals in store. Scroll down below to see what's new!



LIVLOLA Ava Crossbody bag accessories women


Ava Crossbody Bag


Half Moon earrings LIVLOLA women accessories importance



cat eye sunglasses in red



Find out more at LIVLOLA accessories collection