The Perfect Work Bag for Those Who Slays

The Perfect Work Bag for Those Who Slays

A girl who slays needs a trusty work bag, not to forget, a stylish one. 

LIVLOLA Women's work bag

Trusty work bags are one of the necessary evils of office life. It needs to be roomy, able to get through rain and shine with you without ripping itself off after a number of usage and has compartments to organise your junk.

We have asked a handful of working women on what they usually carry in their work bag, and here are the Top 12 things that most women have in their work bag.

LIVLOLA work bag must have 

Isn't that a LOOONNG list? WOW! Look at the list (those are just the Top 12 items. Women typically carries more than 12 items in their bag.). Your man should have all the rights to be confused and frustrated when looking for an item in your bag. Haha! 

While trendy handbags today comes in a medium to small size, it can be tough to get a trusty work bag for you. Tote bags are usually the "go to" bags for work, but it can get a little dull and it does not have much compartments to organise your essentials, don't you think? 

On working days, professionals today carry a nice medium sized work bag and a huge canvas bag on another hand to store items that couldn't fit into their nice work bag. This can be a hassle for many working women today, especially those who commutes to work.

To make things easier for all you busy women out there, we have listed a few work bags that we think compliments your busy work life and is able to make sure all your essentials are in tact.

1. Erin Everyday City bag

If you have hundreds of things to store in your work bag, Erin Everyday City bag is perfect for you! It has loads of zippers around the bag to help you organise your belongings so you can find your essentials easily! No more digging in your bag to find for your keys, pen and notebook! 

It comes with a handle and an adjustable crossbody strap. That way, you have the options to carry how ever you want! It is also super durable, perfect for women who are constantly on-the-go!

LIVLOLA ERIN CITY women's work bag


LIVLOLA Erin City womens workbag


2. Jossay Tote Bag

Leather bags are a no brainer for work. Jossay Tote bags are made of genuine calf leather. It comes with a pouch so you can store your essentials in a more organised manner. 

LIVLOLA leather bag

Jossay Tote


3. Harper Tote

This bag is not like your regular tote bag. It comes with a pouch and an adjustable crossbody strap. With the pouch, you can organise your little things like make up sets, emergency kit and mini fragrance bottle. The adjustable strap can also be used on the pouch and the tote bag. Super versatile!

LIVLOLA Harper Tote womens work bag


LIVLOLA Harper Tote womens workbag

Harper Tote


4. Cara City Bag

This bag works like a tote bag, except it is secured with a zipper and a flap. It has also a little zipper pocket so you could store your little things to ease your search for it.

LIVLOLA Cara City women's work bag

LIVLOLA Cara City women's work bag

Cara City Bag


5. Rimeur City Bag

This bag is youthful and trendy. If you are looking for a work bag that serve its purpose - to store all of your essentials, and look stylish as ever, this bag is perfect for you! It comes with a handle and an adjustable crossbody strap so you can carry it how ever you want.


LIVLOLA Rimeur City women's work bag


LIVLOLA Rimeur City women's work bag

Rimeur City Bag


What you wear to work is extremely important, and a woman who plans to succeed in her career should own a bag that serve its purpose - that could ease her job and work life. So, own a trusty work bag today and wear it on your arm the next day like a boss!




6 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Your Synthetic Leather Bags

6 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Your Synthetic Leather Bags

Bags!! Who doesn't love them? It is one of women's essential items in the wardrobe. No woman live with only one bag. Trust me. 

Women have many different kinds of bags, whether it is a tote, crossbody, clutch or a messenger bag, it all caters for different occasion. Right, ladies?

But it is not always wise to get a new bag whenever fashion enters a new season. You may be surprised how your old bags can spice up your look if you take care of it properly.

Oh what? Your bags are mostly synthetic leather and its material cracks easily after a period of time?

Well, follow our guide here and we promise your bags will last for years!

Here are 6 simple ways to care for you bags

1. Use pouches to separate your make up case and jewellery

As much as you like dumping all your items into your bag because it's more convenient, make it a habit to store your make up casings and jewelries. This is so you can avoid spills and jewellery scratches on the lining of your bag. Better yet, it helps you organised and find your items quicker!

Livlola Harper Tote bag

Harper Tote (RM249.00)



2. Own a pen with a cap

It is always useful to have a note book and a pen in your bag. But, try to use pens with caps, instead of click pens. This is to avoid any ink spills or unnecessary "drawings" on the lining of your bag. I've personally experienced it oh-so-many times. So please, use a pen with caps! 


Pens with cap



3. Clean spills and dirt on your bag IMMEDIATELY before it stains

It is always wise to clean your bag once every 2 weeks. You wouldn't know how dusty your bag can be after a week, especially if you carry your bag to places that are smoky or oily. We suggest you do a little clean up whenever you're back from smoky or oily places to avoid stains on your bag. Baby wipes can do the trick for you!


4. Stuff your bag with pillow or acid-free tissue paper 

If you are not planning to use the bag, do not just leave it in your wardrobe. Make it a habit to stuff pillow, scarfs, shawls or acid-free tissue paper in the bag so it will not loose its shape. This applies to both soft and hard bags. Though harder material bags have stronger structure, you shouldn't take it for granted. It can, too, lose its shape over time.

Also, remember to remove handbag straps and wrap the zippers and other metallic ornaments with tissue paper so it will not leave stains on the bag over time.

Livlola Harper Tote, 4 ways to care for your bag



5.  Make sure you put it into a dust bag and keep it in a dry and chill area. Avoid heat or direct sunlight.

If you would like to store your handbags, make sure you put it in a dust bag (many brands will provide a dust bag when you purchase a bag. Keep them!). Dont store them in plastic bags as it may damage your bag. If you do not have a dust bag, try using non woven bag or pillow casings. Ensure that it allows air flow into the bag.


Livlola Rimeur Black women's work bag 


6. Do not hang your bags if it's idle

We know you have bags for work and bags for the weekend, and you would turn to your work bag once the weekend is over. But don't hang the bags if you're not planning to store it in your wardrobe. You will only distort your bag over time, and it can also destroy the handle of your bag if you leave heavy items in them. 

Place it on the ground or store it in your wardrobe if you are not using it.

Hanging bags

Source: Pinterest


We hope these few tips can help prolong the life of your bags. Let us know how else do you care for your bag. We would love to hear them!




8 Simple Ways to Rock Wrap Chokers

8 Simple Ways to Rock Wrap Chokers

Hey babe!

We have been receiving many of your queries on how to wear and style wrap chokers. We know you have seen models and celebrities rocking wrap chokers and mostly, it is tied in a bow and pair with an off shoulder top.

If an off shoulder top is not really your style, don't worry, it is not limited to only one look like a typical choker. After watching the video below, you'll know how simple and versatile a wrap choker can be and you'll love it even more! What's great about it is, you can wear it anywhere - to work, outings with your friends and even at the beach. 

Here are the 8 simple ways to rock wrap chokers! 


We hope you enjoy the video.





What We Love About Chanel Data Center SS17

What We Love About Chanel Data Center SS17

Okay ladies, Karl Lagerfeld has done it again. Chanel's SS17 fashion show has become the most talked about fashion show this year. This is not your typical fashion show.

Chanel have turned a data center into a fashion runway. 

Imagine your life without the telephone and the next step will be artificial intelligence and robots,” Karl Lagerfeld told Reuters TV. 

If you have been hiding in a cave for the longest time, you have got to watch the ultimate Chanel Data Center SS17 fashion show.

Now you have watched the video, does it hit you harder that technology is now taking over us in every aspect - communication, entertainment, fashion, education...and so much more! It's daunting, yet exciting! Anyway, here's what we love about Chanel's SS17 fashion show:

1. Daft Punk-inspired bots with Chanel's signature tweed suits

Chanel's fashion show started with 2 glamorous human robots twinning with the iconic Chanel tweed suits in black and white. These robots looks like what seem to be a mix of Stormtroopers and Daft Punk. Nevertheless, it looks uh-mazzzing! We bet if Chanel sells the head gear of this robots, you will definitely see a long line outside of Chanel's store, just like how people queued up for Supreme's brick.

Chanel robots

Source: buro247


2. The revival of 80's, 90's fashion

Chanel's ready-to-wear SS17, in conjunction with its theme - data center Chanel, has an array of clothing with technicolor and kaleidoscopic digital prints. We see girls with "loud" baseball caps, oversized suits, huge earrings, strong & bold necklaceses and list goes on and on.

Chanel SS17

Source: Telegraph

Chanel SS17

Source: Photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans

Chanel Karl Lagerfeld

Source: Chanel Instagram 


3. Chanel Accessories and LED bags - the ultimate fashion technology

LED BAGS?! WHAT?!! Karl Lagerfeld is taking fashion in a whole new different level. The LED bags could apparently flash "Hello", "How are you?" and of course the brand "Chanel" with a built-in micro lights. Watch the video below, you may spot the bag in action!


4. The backdrop

It is nothing fancy or dramatic like other fashion shows this season, just a few blocks of machines with colorful wires. Then again, there's something that we like about it. It makes an average data center looks so majestic and beautiful. The backdrop is muse on the digital age that has completely changed the fashion industry.

Chanel data center

Source: Chanel


There's so much to love about Chanel's SS17 fashion show. Don't you wish to be there to witness it in person? Hehe!

Let us know what you like about Chanel's SS17 fashion show in the comment below!





The Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

The Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Have you ever find yourself finding for a pair of sunglasses that is "trending" and found that it doesn't do justice to you when you try it on? Yes, it looks cool on Victoria Beckham and great on Kendall Jenner. But it doesn't look the same on you.

No worries, me love. Your world is not going to end. Let us sort you out with the perfect sunglasses that suits your face best and guards against sun's rays or even camera flashes! 

It is not because ONLY celebrities wear it better, but the sunglasses just doesn't fit the shape of your beautiful face. 

Tip 101, before picking up a pair of sunglasses, it is wise to know the shape of your face

Face Shape

But if you are not certain about the shape of your face, don't fret. We have covered it in this column! So read up, ladies.


1. If you have a heart shaped face like Reese Witherspoon, you will find that your face is shorter, broader at the top which makes your forehead looks prominent, and ends with a pointy chin.

Your perfect sunglasses: Frames that are wider at the top to elongate your look, and round at the bottom to direct attention downwards. 

Reese Witherspoon

Credit: Fullhdpictures


Lovey Lo

LOVEY LO (RM79.00)




2. If you have an oval shaped face like Jessica Alba or Charlize Theron, you will find that your face is slightly longer. They call oval face the "ideal" face shape as the face line gracefully tapers down the chin. Call yourself lucky, girl!

Oval shaped face also have a prominent forehead, but it is not as prominent as a heart-shaped face, whilst you may find your check bone stands out stronger. 

Your perfect sunglasses: Since oval face is an ideal face shape. You can carry frames that are round and square, even big and small frames. You just have to find the best shades that suits your style.

Charlize Theron


LIVLOLA The Straight Dope

The Straight Dope (RM79.00)

LIVLOLA Brooklyn

Brooklyn (RM79.00)


3.  If you have a round shaped face doesn't mean you are fat, in fact it gives you a softer and feminine look. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Kate Bosworth are a few that has a round shaped face that many adores. Round shaped face typically have its width and height equivalent, and it is widest at the cheeks.

Your perfect sunglasses: You get to wear fun sunglasses with angular frames, or rectangle frames for a longer and thinner look.

Miranda Kerr
Credit: Instyle
Livlola Joyride
4. If you have a square shaped face like Keira Knightley and Angelina Jolie, you are a natural head turner. You have a wider forehead and a strong jaw line - which has always been your best feature. 

Your perfect sunglasses: Frames that are round to balance out your striking jaw line and accentuates your eyes.


Keira Knightley

Credit: Pinterest


Livlola Lovey Lo

LOVEY LO (RM79.00)

Livlola Brooklyn



We hope you find these tips helpful for your next sunglasses purchase! If you can't seem to grasps which type of sunglasses suits your face or would like to know more types of sunglasses that would look great on you, the easiest way is to first understand the shape of your face, then refer to the celebrities, influencers or your idol that has the same shape as yours! 

If you would like to share more information or queries about anything under the sun, leave us a comment below!