4 Eco-Friendly Swaps For Sustainable Living

by Natashya Khoo on May 19, 2022

4 Eco-Friendly Swaps For Sustainable Living

It’s not easy being an eco girl in a plastic world. We’re surrounded by disposable, single-use products that are undeniably convenient, but create more waste than the earth can handle. It gets even more difficult when you consider that even your zero-waste products labelled  ‘biodegradable’ or ‘compostable’ still sit hundreds of years at a landfill near you.

The best way to decrease your carbon footprint is to simply create less waste. This can seem impossible, but we’re here to help! Here are four eco-conscious swaps you can make today for a more sustainable future. We’re zooming in on toiletries because we use them every day.


  • Replace disposable pads with menstrual cups
  • Replace facial cotton pads with reusable wipes
  • Replace toothpaste with toothpaste pods
  • Replace tissue rolls with bidets

    1. Replace disposable pads with menstrual cups

    Menstrual Cup Dangers: 17 Things to Know About TSS, Safe Use, More

    We’ve all heard about menstrual cups, but how many of us have tried it? For some, the idea of pinching a cup in during your period might just be too much to bear. However, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable and seamless it is to fit in, not to mention how much you’ll save on buying packs of single-use pads a month!

    If that isn’t enough to convince you, opt for cloth pads instead. If you normally use disposable pads, then the learning curve for cloth pads shouldn’t be as steep as it is if you were to swap to cups. Just rinse your stained pads and change into a new one, and you can throw them into the wash for an extra level of clean. You can also try period underwear- it absorbs everything & you can throw it straight into the wash.


    2. Replace facial cotton pads with reusable wipes

    Eco friendly and sustainable Bamboo Reusable Face Wipes/ makeup remover  wipes, Face Wipes, Refreshing Wipes, Facial Wet Wipes, Facial Towelettes, Face  Cleansing Wipes - Revering Lifestyle L L P, Delhi | ID: 22122218797

    This one is especially for you if you’re big on skincare or makeup. We use so many cotton pads to put on skincare and remove our makeup. Get a pack of reusable cotton pads that you can wash and reuse. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have cute designs that’ll give your makeup kit a pop!

    A pro tip for beginners would be to keep your wipes separated. Have one for putting on skincare like toner, and another solely for removing makeup. Wash them with warm water and leave them out in the sun to dry. The sun naturally kills bacteria, so ditch the dryer & make use of the weather we have in sunny, sunny Malaysia!


    3. Replace toothpaste with toothpaste pods

    Down the tubes: should you brush your teeth with toothpaste tablets? |  Beauty | The Guardian

    You might think that toothpaste isn’t a big deal- after all, studies show that the average person only uses 6 a year. But if you’ve ever tried to cut open a toothpaste tube (to use it all up, like any good Asian), you’ll realise that it’s made out of really strong stuff. The plastic laminate and aluminium around it can make it difficult to recycle.

    Toothpaste pods, also known as toothpaste tablets, are a great investment to sustainable living. They look like a bottle of pills and won’t wreck the vibe, we promise! Crush one in your mouth & then pop your toothbrush in & start brushing. Check it out at a zero waste store near you, & get yourself some refills too!


    4. Replace tissue rolls with bidets

    Here's A List of Ways To Make A Homemade Bidet Kids Activities Blog

    Remember when the lockdown first hit & people were rushing to buy stacks of toilet paper? If you were in the bidet gang from the get-go, this panic shopping may have gone over your head a little. In this part of Asia, most toilets come with bidets built in. They’re super easy to use and get the job done!

    If you’re still a little hesitant, think about how you’d clean a plate- you wouldn’t wipe it with a wad of tissue & call it a day, right? While it can be hard to use a bidet exclusively, having both as interchangeable options is enough to reduce the amount of tissue you use on a daily.

    What’s an eco swap you’ll be trying, LIVLOLA fam? Let us know!


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