LIVLOLA Affiliate Program


1. Commission Tiers

Tiers Condition Commission (%)
1 1 - 5th transaction 5%
2 After 5th transaction 10%
3 After 20th transaction 15%


2. Affiliates will be rewarded with 1x Free LIVLOLA goodies after she/he has successfully made the first 10th transaction. 

3. Commission earned will be transferred to Affiliate(s)'s preferred bank account at the beginning of every month via Paypal. (ie. Commission earned in May, will be transferred to Affiliate(s)'s bank account in the beginning of June).

4. Commissions payout will be according to the total commission amount appeared at LIVLOLA's preferred Affiliate system - Affiliatly. 

5. Affiliate(s) must use their exclusive Affiliate link (ie. when Affiliate(s) shares LIVLOLA website to their potential buyers. For any sales made organically (or without an affiliate link) will not be captured in LIVLOLA's preferred Affiliate system - Affiliatly, for which it will be considered as an organic sale and Affiliate(s) will not earn a commission.



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