3 Ways To Impact Climate Change In Malaysia

by Natashya Khoo on Jan 07, 2022

3 Ways To Impact Climate Change In Malaysia

Looking at the extreme weather changes in other countries, it might be hard to realise the climate change that is happening in Malaysia. Unfortunately, climate change affects everyone. Malaysia has seen rising tides, flooding, and both the coldest and hottest temperatures recorded in our history.

There is no denying that our climate is in dire need of intervention. While it’s up to policymakers and corporations to make the bigger changes, here are three ways we can do our part in impacting climate change in Malaysia.


1. Educate yourself on local climate issues

On a global scale, movements like Fridays For Future provide insight into the climate crisis worldwide. Read up on global statistics, international greenwashed brands and worldwide green initiatives so that you can make more informed choices.

Locally, groups like Klima Action shine a light on Malaysia’s climate emergency. They focus on highlighting people that are particularly affected like Orang Asli and women, while also initiating rallies and even art projects to educate and bring awareness to local issues.


2. Contribute to meaningful causes

Besides the causes already mentioned, there are so many more ways to contribute to the work that is already being done. Monetary support is always appreciated in conservation work as many of these organisations don’t receive support from local governments.

Aside from that, volunteering at clean-ups in your area or in-kind donations towards zero waste organisations are great ways to help. It’s always best to be plugged in to groups that are already doing the groundwork as they would know best what needs can be met.


3. Reduce your personal carbon footprint

Climate change will not slow down just because you use a reusable bag, but many people caring about the climate imperfectly is better than not trying at all. Making small changes to your lifestyle, if that means by going vegan, not only helps you but helps to influence the people around you to make positive changes too.

You may feel that your efforts are not contributive to the grander scale of things, but it never hurts to be a bit more mindful of our own actions. After all, if we don’t take care of Mother Nature, who will?

Let’s do this together, LIVLOLA fam!