7 Full Body Beginner Workout That You Can Do At Home (No equipments needed)

Can’t go to the cinema, your favourite café is shuttered down and most of all…the gym is closed indefinitely!

Being at home used to be a much-needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of life—but now it seems like you’re constantly agitated, tired and drained.

Most of all, if you’re a gym junkie—the gym withdrawals are real.

But that doesn’t mean you have to feel this way. There are 7, beginner-friendly full-body home workouts that you can start doing ASAP to get back on track, and your energy up again.

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5 Ways To Reduce Waste | Beginners Guide

5 Ways To Reduce Waste | Beginners Guide

Whether it is on the street, TV, or social media, you have probably heard of the tagline "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". If you have not, it is a tagline that encourages everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle all goods to promote a sustainable society and environment. 

We strongly encourage our audience to live a minimal lifestyle at which you only own things that are necessary to declutter your mind and be sustainable. Not only living minimal saves your money in the bank, it also saves the environment!

What many of us see in the mall or online stores are products or "finished goods" that are ready for consumption. What we don't see is that each product requires a lot of materials (including raw materials that are extracted from earth) and energy to produce, which results in air and water pollution; wastes from factories usually ended up in landfills.

If you have always wanted to reduce waste, but you can't get it started because it is "inconvenient". Well let us tell you something -- when habits are formed, they are harder to change. Once you have adopted the habit of reducing waste, you will eventually start to recycle and reduce waste without putting in any effort. 

Okay! If you are ready to make it happen, read on.

Here are the 5 ways to reduce waste as a beginner.


1. Refuse to use products that are non-biodegradable

Essentially, non-biodegradable products are products that are inorganic and can not be broken down naturally. Because it can not be broken down into microorganisms or processes over time, non-biodegradable products takes up a lot of space over time and will remain in the environment. 

The most common known fact about non-biodegradable products (ie. plastics), is that it affects the marine life. Plastic containers and bags are commonly found in beaches. Over time, we see that the plastic bags and containers end up floating in the ocean where it suffocates fishes and turtles. Some marine animals might eat them, resulting in digestive issues.

To save the marine life and our environment, you can first start by not accepting plastic bags from the groceries or shopping malls, instead you bring your own net bags and recycle bags wherever you go. 


Natural Cotton Crochet Net Bag


2. Reuse, reuse, reuse


Okay, there are a lot of things that we can reuse. But we are going to use "clothing" as an example, because we know, many of us can get pretty crazy when it comes to shopping! Fashion trends come and go, in fact, to be honest, it is somewhat determined by fashion editors. Think about it. But, style is always constant because it defines you. Your style is exclusively you and you do not need the latest trendy outfit to make you look "stylish". So learn to reuse your old clothes and create a brand new look for yourself. In fact, tailoring old clothing has becoming popular these days.

Another way to reuse is to shop at thrift stores. Someone's trash is someone else's treasure. You'll find gem in thrift stores and the best thing about it is, it is inexpensive!


3. Separate your trash bins

Recycle sustainable environment

To make things easier for you to recycle, separate your trash into 3 bins: Paper, Plastic, Cans and Trash (biodegradable items, like food.) 


4. Bring your own mug or water bottle everywhere you go

If you have forgotten to bring your water bottle, chances of you getting a bottle of water from the convenient store that is made of plastic is higher. If you needed a cup of coffee at the cafe nearby, offer the barista to fill your mug. This is so you can reduce the usage of paper cups. Remember, start building a habit to reuse, reduce and recycle.


5. Plant trees! *Don't worry, you don't need massive space for this

Acacia tree

We have just recently stumbled upon a browser, Ecosia,  that enables you to contribute in planting trees without physically planting it. For an average of 45 searches on this browser, the community at Ecosia will plant a tree for you! Not just any tree though. They will be planting Acacia tree because it was believed that acacia tree makes the soil fertile. According to studies, Acacia tree is valued for their long roots, which helps stabilize the soil in areas that are threatened by erosion.

Our team is currently using the browser and we have successfully planted 11 trees! Join us in creating a sustainable environment for our future!

We hope this article helps you in your journey to reduce waste. Comment down below if you have any questions. We will get back to you very soon!





What Do We Mean When We Say #livoutloud?

What Do We Mean When We Say #livoutloud?

livlola liv out loud

What are the things that pop into your mind when we say "liv out loud"? Something bright, vibrant (maybe, red), daring and rebellious, perhaps? Well, it's partially right. But what it essentially means is, confidence - a powerful aura that you have that people can feel when you walk into a room, and they can't steal it away. Some people express confidence out loud via their appearance - a louder sense of style, but many express it subtly.


1. It means accepting yourself, truly

How long do you spend looking yourself in the mirror vs staring at your phone, scrolling through pictures of your friends, family, celebrities, models, influencers etc on social media? With the rise of social apps (ie. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat...etc), we subconsciously seek validation from others and not from ourselves. 

Have you told yourself that you are beautiful this morning when you look at yourself in the mirror?

You may think you "accept" everything about yourself. But, think again, do you truly accept your flaws, whether it is physical or something you just can't master or change (ie. your parents are separated, you're adopted, or you can never master math...etc). Accepting yourself means acknowledging your flaws and fears, and know what you are good at. You have no idea how confident you will be once you have truly acknowledged all of your flaws and fears and just being you, a vulnerable being in this universe.


2. It means you don't give a f*ck

Okay, this doesn't mean being nasty to others. It simply means, you don't seek validation from others. You do you. Because at the end of the day, you are responsible for your own life. And whatever sweet or bitter memories you gathered along the way, it is you that can savour the experience the most, and not others.

But, never ignore advice. Learn to listen and learn to choose the right advice before taking on any action. 


3. It means know and understand that you are a human being

be emotionally attached to yourself 

It is okay to be emotional and make mistakes. Cry, if you feel like it. Not everyday is sunshine and rainbows. It is okay to be tired and it is "very okay" to sleep all you want in bed and not feel guilty.

Know that we are constantly evolving as we age. What you love and hate now will be different in 3, 5, or 10 years time. You may hate tofu now and love it in year 2023. So it is okay, to change your style and you do not need to explain to others. #livoutloud


4. It means not afraid to be vulnerable - give and show love to others

If you love something, go 100%. Don't be afraid to get hurt over something you love. Our world, our society needs more love now than ever. While the internet continues to tear down the barriers of connecting people around the world, the more it magnifies our differences. And when we are given something unfamiliar, our default reaction to it is to "defend" by giving out negative thoughts about that "unfamiliar thing."

So before getting into the conclusion of "hating it", learn to love and adapt the differences between us humans. Understand that everyone is different in their own way, and we are all kind souls. Show and give care and love to others and expect nothing in return.

Also, never wait to show love till that someone is about to lose their lives. Always be generous with love.


5. It means you know your words are powerful

There is a certain power to your words, even if you are a nobody. Give credit where credit is due and speak up when justice is not made. You may have heard about the "butterfly" effect, where small change can create a significantly different outcome. 


6. It means you are able to cope with unexpected events thrown at you

The best scenario to describe this statement is, pregnancy. Nobody, no mother, is 100% ready for pregnancy (especially their 1st pregnancy). You may feel that you are ready to be a mom, but you will never be truly ready when you are experiencing it. 

Living out loud is where we (LIVLOLA) stand as a brand and we believe that it is a good principal to live by, to remind yourself that you are human and it is not wrong to live a little to celebrate life. As cliche as it sounds, life is short. We were blessed to be given a blank canvas when we were born into this beautiful world. So paint it however you want, and make sure you priorities your happiness.


Till then.





15 Urban Words You Should Know in 2018

15 Urban Words You Should Know in 2018

It started off as a slang. Then, you see it everywhere on social media, hear it all over the radio. But what exactly does these words mean.

We have listed down 15 urban words that you need to know, like yesterday.


1. Askhole — an individual who asks ridiculous, obnoxious or irrelevant questions (this is often chronic behavior)

2. Awesome sauce — something that is more awesome than awesome (awesome topped with awesome sauce)


3. Finesse — the ability to smooth-talk, persuade, or maneuver something to your advantage

4. Finstagram - a fake/secret Instagram account where people (mostly teenagers) post pictures that they wouldn't want their parents to know, or want them to appear on their Instagram account.

5. Hundo — 100 percent; also, "hundo p"

6. Legendary — a state of extreme awesomeness, popularized by Neil Patrick Harris' character "Barney Stinson" on How I Met Your Mother (often, the syllables are drawn out as in the case of said character, as in "Legen... wait for it... dary!")

7. Lit — previously meant drunk, more recently means awesome, excellent, turned up

8. Netflix and chill — code for having sex with Netflix on in the background

9. Phat — 1) initials for "pretty hot and tempting" (usually relating to a woman with ample assets); 2) awesome; cool [Note: currently considered out of style and only used by "wannabes"]

10. Pregret — knowing you shouldn't do something or you'll regret it, but doing it anyway

11. Ratchet — a diva, especially one from an urban area or of lower socioeconomic status, who incorrectly believes she is every man's dream

12. Savage — someone who has acted ruthlessly (can also be used as a compliment)

13. Skrill — money or capital

14. Turnt — dual meanings, though related: one is drunk, the other is excited or hyped, particularly for a party

15. Woke — being aware, knowing what's going on in the community


These words and meanings were derived from the the Urban Dictionary. So if you would like to know other "new" urban words that is not listed in here, search it up at Urban Dictionary. You should be able to get the definition of the word.

Alright! We hope we've clarified some of the words you may be curious about when stumbled upon it on Instagram or articles. Subscribe to our newsletter for more juicy updates and killer deals. 

Till then!




5 Top Sunglasses You Should Own in 2018

5 Top Sunglasses You Should Own in 2018

Okay, let's be honest. A pair of sunglasses is not only an accessory to shade away from the blazing sun. We have seen top designers including them in their recent runway shows as essential statement-making elements to their collections.

Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour, and Karl Lagerfeld are the few fashion icons who wears it everywhere they go, whether it is outdoors or indoors. In fact, even the Queen of the United Kingdom couldn't make Anna Wintour part with her sunglasses, as we have recently seen them both sitting next to each other at London Fashion Week.

Anna Wintour and Queen Elizabeth II

Source: The Sun, UK


You can now stop googling and watching Youtube videos to spot on the current fashion trends, because we are going to narrow down the Top 5 sunglasses trend that you should own this year!


1. Retro Cat-Eyes Sunglasses

Unlike the regular cat-eye sunglasses, the current trend spotted pointy edges and a slightly smaller lens style. This eye wear design is popular with white and red frames as it gives prominent and bold look to compliment your street style.


Retro Bae Cat Eye Sunglasses

Retro Bae Sunglasses


2. Teeny Tiny Cat-Eye Sunglasses

The 90's fashion is definitely back! Last year was all about choker, this year it's all about that teeny tiny sunglasses. All the cool kids are rocking teeny tiny cat eye sunglasses this Summer. Well, it's true! You've probably seen it on IG.

tiny sunglasses model trends

Akino Sunglasses


3. Vintage Jacky-O Sunglasses

We're taking the Retro style up to the next level. Back then, small round frame sunglasses was popularized by John Lennon from The Beatles . Today, small round frames are trending, so are the large round frame.

Own this sunglasses as it amplifies your playful, quirky personality. 

Andie Side Shield


4. Tiny Butterfly Sunglasses

Butterfly sunglasses are eternally stylish and elegant. Its unique frame narrows the centre of the nose bridge and balances out a longer face shape, at the same time, softens a strong chin or jawline.

Kendall Sunglasses


5. Ski Goggles/ Flat-Top Visors

If you're a fan of oversize sunglasses, you'll definitely love this trend!

The Hot Scientist


Alright, that's our Top 5 sunglasses trend in 2018. We hope you enjoy reading this piece and we'll see you the next time!