5 Most Trendy Chokers and Ways To Wear It

5 Most Trendy Chokers and Ways To Wear It

Choker is back - cooler than ever! And if you want to be part of this super awesome 90's resurgence, you should totally consider getting yourself one. Just saying :)

We were told by a guy friend of ours that chokers make ladies look oddly sexy. It's probably one of guy's fantasy of having something around the ladies' neck. But we agree that wearing a choker definitely brings out a stronger personality.

It has this edgy, fun and flirty vibes that could make many heads turn. 

We see many top models - Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Behati Prinsloo, influencers - Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), Rumi Neely (Fashion Toast), and celebrities - Rihanna, Katy Perry, have been rocking the choker trend when they're "off duty" this year. 

Though it is a fashion piece that many would love to own, it is still an accessory that many are afraid to wear simply because they don't know how to wear it or when to wear it.

We get that a lot from our customers. 

So let us help you there, sweetie. Here are the 5 Most Trendy Chokers and Ways To Wear It.


1. Plain Black Velvet Choker is a strong statement piece. You would want to wear it with a low-cut top or an off-shoulder apparel. You can also pair it with any crop top & high waisted jeans for a retro look.

Gigi Hadid with LIVLOLACredit: Gigi Hadid, Getty Image


2. Tiny "Tie-Around" Choker brings out the fun and flirty side of you. What's great about this choker is that it is extremely versatile, because of its tiny and simple design. You can wear it with any outfit you like, whether it is a baby tee, round-neck top, a flowy top or an off-shoulder top. It's so effortlessly chic!

How to style: Tie it around in a bow for a cheeky look or loop it around your neck for a clean look. 



Credit: Kendall Jenner, Vogue UK


Lyla Choker (RM32.00)


3. Wrap Choker is equally as versatile as the Tiny "Tie-Around" Choker but gives a softer, sexy, feminine look. It is such an easy piece to play around to give you different looks. You can pair this choker with a low-cut top, an off-shoulder top, a button down t-shirt, or even a bathing suit.

If you wish to wear it with any round-neck top, it would be great to loop it around your neck until it is left a little for a knot or bow. 

How to style: Loop it around your neck and end it with a bow or a knot as seen in Vanessa Hudgens below. It can also be worn by just looping it around your neck and hang it loose; or loop it into 3-4 rounds for a "grungy" look.

Vanessa Hudgens with LIVLOLA

Credit: Vanessa Hudgens, Pinterest

Luisa Choker LIVLOLA

Credit: Pinterest

Luisa Choker LIVLOLA

Credit: Memorandum

Luisa Choker (RM35.00)


4. Gold Metalic Choker is a statement piece that can be worn for dinner events, work or leisure time. It is best to pair with a simple basic top so it stands out. 

 Alessandra Ambrosio with LIVLOLA

Credit: Alessandra Ambrosio, Getty Image

King Metallic Choker (RM69.00)


5. Super Thick Choker for a bold look. You can pair this with an off-shoulder top so it stands out or pair it with a blouse or a T-shirt blouse for a casual look, just like how Kendall Jenner would wear it!

This is great especially for ladies with longer neck.

Kendall Jenner with LIVLOLA

Credit: Kendall Jenner, Splash News Online

Kendall with LIVLOLA

Credit: Kendall Jenner, Inquisitr

Kendall Choker (RM33.00) 


We hope you find these tips helpful. Happy shopping for that choker that matches your style!






A women can never have too many things in her bag. The things that she carry can only be limited by the size of the bag.

She's willing to carry that extra weight around just to make sure she has everything she needs in a bag, so she can make the best first impression or simply be comfortable & confident at all times. Sounds familiar?

There are always a few things you need and will always be in your bag. Here are the 10 things we think women should have in her bag.

1. Wet Wipes / Tissue Paper

LIVLOLA tissue paper

Credit: Pixabay


Headed to the washroom and found that they're out of tissue rolls?

Your nose is feeling a little runny but do not have any tissue paper to blow it off? 

Research says that women consume more toilet paper than men, and from our own observation, 8/10 women owns at least a packet of tissue paper in their bag. It is not because it is practical, but hygienic.

2. Lip Balm

Wunderlippie at LIVLOLA

Credit: Wunderbath


Having dry or chapped lips is not cool. It can be painful and quite embarrassing. Research find that working women who works in an office space are more likely to suffer with dry lips due to frequent exposure of air conditioning.

You can wet your lips with water or saliva but it will not make it any better but worse, sweetie. 

Putting on lip balm can help moisturise your lips and give you soft, supple lips that makes you look young and fresh! Some lip balms even comes with pretty colors.

3. Hand Cream / Hand Lotion

Hand Cream LIVLOLA

Credit: beautyheaven


Ladies, if you haven't been told that you should take extra care for your hands, let us tell you now. You SHOULD NOT neglect your hands. It is one of the parts of our body where signs of ageing is obvious.

If you noticed, the skin at the back of your hands is different from the skin on your palm. It is very much thinner and has less sebaceous glands. Because of that, the skin at the back of your hands gets drier quicker.

Think about it, 70% of your time is spent at work during weekdays, where you are constantly exposed with air conditioner which is drying for the skin; and 60% of your time is spent on house chores during weekends where you'll be in contact with water most of the time. Ironically, water is naturally drying for the skin.

When the skin gets dehydrated, it age faster.

Therefore, it is wise to keep a bottle of hand cream in your bag so you can put it on whenever, wherever you are to keep that little hands of yours hydrated at all times. 

4. Emergency Kit 

Ladies, we know how it can be a total nightmare when it is the time of the month, and you forgot to replenish the essentials like sanitary napkins or aspirins. 

You ought to have an emergency kit with band-aids, aspirin & sanitary napkin/tampons with you at all times. You wouldn't want to be found with a leakage or rolling around at a corner when you have cramps. 

5. Notebook & Pen

LIVLOLA notebook and pen

Credit: Pexels 


Yes, everything is now recorded on your phone and you probably don't need a notebook or a pen to get through your day.

But it is always useful when your phone runs out of battery and you needed to record an important note fast or perhaps filling in a form at the post office that doesn't have a decent pen for you. Typical situation (if you're a frequent traveller), is when you're needed to fill in a flight declaration form and you need a pen so badly.

Putting in a small notebook & a pen in your bag won't hurt.

6. Cash & Credit Cards


Credit: Skitterphoto


Isn't it embarrassing when you're happily shopping at a store and ready to pay at the counter just to find out that you left your wallet in another bag that is sitting in your wardrobe? We all have at least experienced it once, but situation can be a little kind when your friend happened to be with you.

Always make sure you check for your wallet before heading out. Rule #1.

7. Hair Tie & Hair Pins


Credits: Pexels


You will always find it useful to have extra hair ties and hair pins in your bag, especially on a hot sunny day or a windy day when you need to pull up your hair and set it in order.

It would be an annoying eating experience when the wind is blowing against your direction and having some of you hair slipped into your mouth whenever you take a bite, wouldn't it?

8. Snacks

The Early Bird granola bars

Credit: The Early Bird MY


You got to have snacks in your bag. It gets you going especially when you had to skip a meal for work or stuck in a traffic. It fills you up and also puts you in a good positive place. Like what many say, a hungry woman is a very, very, very angry woman.

So save some soul from your "hangry" heat and munch away!

9. Mosquito Repellant / Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil at LIVLOLA


This may be a little strange. But we reckon having a bottle of Tea Tree Oil can be a saviour for you, especially during the rainy season when there are more mosquitoes and insects flying around and if you spend most of your time outdoor. A lady wouldn't want to have many red bumps after spending time outdoor, or found scratching like a mad lady when conversing with someone.

Some even find that the scent of Tea Tree Oil is therapeutic. 

10.  Body Mist / Fragrance

LIVLOLA fragrance


Fragrance can create a better and lasting impression of you because it has a strong connection with one's memory.

Putting on fragrance not only make you feel desirable, it tells someone that you know how to take care of yourself. It is also a great tool to freshen up after a long day at work for dinner. 


Alright, that is all the things we reckon a woman should have in a bag. Do you have all of these items in your bag?

Share your "must-have" with us by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear it!








Bags are a girl's best friend. It follows you around and keeps your secrets.
Think about it, we can never leave our house without a bag. It is almost as if part of our body is detached. Especially when phone and cash is not necessarily the only most important thing, but POWERBANK, women's little kit for "emergencies", lipsticks, powder and the list goes on.
Credit: Missrenaissance

 Funny thing is, we can never stick to one bag. It's not that we're not "loyal" or picky, it's just that a bag may not fit all occasions. We change our bags depending on the days and occasions, and sometimes may forgo some items to fit into our little bag.

A girl can never have too many bags, you must agree.
Well, it is also unreasonable to own a new bag every season. Hence, finding the right bag that fits your lifestyle and your style is essential. 
1. If you are, a person who likes throwing everything into a bag so you wouldn't miss anything when you need it. A Tote bag will be perfect for you, especially for travel and work. There will always be room for you to dump in your shawl, electronics, water bottle and so on. 
Miranda Kerr Tote Bag
Credit: Miranda Kerr, Pinterest



2. If you area person who is always out and about from day to night, a Top-Handle Satchel will be perfect for you, as it can be transformed from day to night, given the options of a crossbody & a top handle.

Top Handle Satchel Kirstin Sinclair

Credit: Kristin Sinclair, Getty Images 


Mini Barrel Bag LIVLOLA




3. If you area person who travels light and only need a few essentials to get you through the day, a mini Messenger bag, an Envelope bag or clutch will be perfect for you.

Clutch Olivia Palermo

Credit: Olivia Palermo,




4. If you area person who is constantly on the run and may have more than 1 thing to carry (ie. laptop bag, files..), you will need a bag that is secure and will always be in your sight - a Crossbody bag. This bag is versatile. You can wear it during the day or night, weekdays or weekends, depending on the size of the bag.

Crossbody bag LIVLOLA

Credit: Sarah Jessica Parker, Latore





We hope these tips are helpful for you! Let us know which fits your lifestyle best on the comment below. We would love to hear it!







Welcome to LIVLOLA's abode! We are super excited to finally launch LIVLOLA bags & accessories. 


We thought what better way to introduce our brand but to take you to the Behind-The-Scenes of our photoshoot. But before that, let us share with you a little bit about our team & brand.

LIVLOLA is the brainchild of two sisters who have the passion for fashion. That passion eventually landed them into the modelling scene in which they have started in 2011, and have since respectively acquired the titles - WINNER of X TOP MODEL 2011 and MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA FINALIST 2012.


What's great about LIVLOLA is that it provides styles for different occasion, instead of laying it all in a blank canvas and you just got to "go figure" by clicking onto many many pages of say, bags, to finally get what you want. And, often times we girls get carried away by other pretty things without getting what they actually need. Guilty? Hehe!

This concept came about when we find that many shares similar problems when shopping for bags. One just can't seem to find the perfect bag for a particular occasion or simply doesn't have much time to spare to find for one. What's even worst is if you need a bag urgently so it fits your outfit for an interview or a party or perhaps, vacation. 

With this ready platform, we hope to improve buyer's purchasing experience by guiding them right to the occasions they seek and sets the bag available for immediate purchase.


A girl can never have too many accessories. We reckon LIVLOLA bags & accessories would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Shop with us and you will be sorted out with different styles of handbags based on the occasion that you want fit - work & leisure, which makes it even easier for you! 

If you like what you read, start shopping with us at, and create an account for sweet updates & killer deals if you haven't already! :)

As promised, here's the BTS of LIVLOLA. We hope you enjoy reading about us. We promise to keep you updated as often as possible.

LIVLOLA photoshoot

LIVLOLA photoshoot

LIVLOLA photoshoot



Till then.

XX, Liv.