LIVLOLA ambassador program
At LIVLOLA, we believe that life is more than just existing, as "Liv" equates life, and "Lola" depicts sensual, passionate and strong personality. It is about the "living", "experiencing" and "exploring" cultures, Mother Earth and your true self (not the being that was shaped by society, family and friends).


We also believe in working together and sharing success stories, as life is about creating meaningful and positive relationships. #spreadlove 


Because of these beliefs, we have come up with an affiliate program that offers great opportunity for you to share something you love, and make some income from it! 


Be the ultimate #livlolagirl: 

1. LIVLOLA Ambassadors 
i) Post/Share pictures curated by us on Instagram (@livlolamy), tag us @livlolamy & hashtag #livlolagirl . Be sure to make your profile "Public" so we can view your postings.


ii) If you wish to model with our products, feel free to purchase one. Complete the form here (submission is closed) and receive an exclusive LIVLOLA ambassador discount for all of our products. Once received our products, post them on your Instagram Account, tag us @livlolamy and hashtag #livlolagirl . Be sure to make your profile "Public"  so we can view your postings.

2. All ambassadors are entitled to give 10% discount to your followers or fans who wish to shop at . Once you have registered as LIVLOLA ambassador, you will be given a special discount code to include in your Instagram profile. Your special discount code will be inactive/ terminated if there are no activities within 2 months upon receiving your unique code.

3. Register to be LIVLOLA Ambassador.

4. You will earn a fee for every transaction made with your exclusive discount shared with your audience. Purchases that you've made personally with your exclusive discount code will not be included in your final payment. Find out more about this at the "PAYMENT" section.






How much will I get paid? 
You will get paid 10% of the sales made. This is calculated as follows: Final order value (MYR) x 10%

How will I get paid? 
We normally send payments via Paypal or online transfer (For Malaysians).

When will I get paid? 
You will get paid beginning of every month from the sales that you generated with your unique discount code on the previous month. 

How will you know that I have sold anything? 
We track everything through the number of times your discount code was used. 



What should I post/How should I get started?

1. Post pictures of our products on Instagram or Facebook. 
2. Tag @livlolamy in your post 
3. Include your unique discount code


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

*Terms & Conditions of LIVLOLA Affiliate Program

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