Introduction to Guided Mindful Meditation


This online program is carefully curated by LIVLOLA to improve one's focus, clarity, stress management and awareness through basic guided meditation. 

We will be updating this online program from time to time with NO ADDITIONAL COST. So stay tuned!


What's in the Introduction to Guided Mindful Meditation Program:

Meditation Activities
1. Guided Sunrise Meditation

2. Guided Meditation for Stress And Anxiety

3. Guided Bedtime Meditation

4. Non Guided Meditation

BONUS: Journal Templates 
1. Weekly Meditation Log 

2. Sunrise Mindful Journal

3. Bedtime Mindful Journal


Who will best benefit from this program:

1. Working adults who are living a hectic lifestyle and constantly on-the-go.

2. People who would like to improve their concentration level and memory, so they can be more productive in everything they do.

3. People who would like to gain clarity, awareness and patience.

4. People who would like to better able manage their stress and anxiety.

5. People who would like to improve their quality of sleep.


Frequently Asked Question

1. What type of program is this? 

This is an online guided meditation program. Once you have purchased this program, you will receive an email that prompts you to register an account for the program. Once you have registered for an account, you will be able to access the program.

*Please check your Junk/Spam mail if you have not receive the program


2. Will this program expire?

No. You will get lifetime access to this program. 


3. Do I need to register for a new account if I have already had one from purchasing other LIVLOLA online program?

No. You do not need to register again. You will be able to see your new program in your Program dashboard.


4. Do I get to access the program with LIVLOLA member's portal?

No. The account that you have set up for this program is a separate account. Hence, you won't be able to access the program via LIVLOLA member's portal. 

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