Sapot Lokal! 7 Home-Grown, Malaysian Skincare Brands

by Natashya Khoo on Jul 20, 2022

Sapot Lokal! 7 Home-Grown, Malaysian Skincare Brands

Have you ever watched a skincare video only to find that not only are the skincare brands not available locally, but that they also don’t work as well in our hot, humid weather conditions? Here’s where local skincare brands come in.

There’s nothing more that we love than to see local, Malaysian brands do well & get the success that they deserve- and that is prominent with our home grown skincare brands. Here are 7 tried and tested skincare brands that you’ll wanna get your hands (& face) on ASAP!

  1. The Olive Tree
  2. Root Remedies
  3. Joi
  4. The Mineraw
  5. Handmade Heroes
  6. Ruruberry
  7. Chuck’s


1. The Olive Tree

If you’re looking for a brand that practises what they preach, The Olive Tree is just the brand for you. With sustainability at the forefront of all they do, they have a program that lets your refill your Olive Tree bottles & recycle bottles you don’t need.

Their products revolve around facial care, body care and hair care. All Olive Tree products are vegan and sourced naturally from plants. Rest assured that their products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


2. Root Remedies

Not all good skincare is good for you. A popular phrase in the skincare community is YMMV- your mileage may vary. Your skin type is like a fingerprint, with no one’s skin really being a carbon copy of someone else’s.

With that, a natural skincare routine is the best way to go if you’re just starting off, which is where Root Remedies comes in. Their all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients are great for if you’re starting a more intermediate skincare routine, or if you’re a total beginner. There’s something for everyone! 


3. Joi

Started from deodorants, now they’re here! Joi specialises in deodorant that is gentle to the skin but strong against body odour. Since then, they’ve expanded to offer skincare products as well, including sunscreen, face oils and even shower gel.

If you’re looking for a toiletry overhaul at an affordable price point, look no further than Joi! Their colourful packaging also makes it a fun, bright experience.


4. The Mineraw

A fact about your skin is that it’s always evolving. It’s affected by different weather conditions, hormones, age, stress and so much more. With that, you’ll need to check in with your skin from time to time and reevaluate what your skin needs.

That’s where The Mineraw stands out- they have a variety of products suitable for almost everyone. Whatever your skin is going through, they’re going to have something that’s going to help with products that are basic, clean & have a natural base.


5. Handmade Heroes

Handmade Heroes is no stranger to the Malaysian skincare scene. They’re well known on an international level for their skincare products and lip products too.

If you’re new to skincare, don’t worry- their page is filled with educational, informative content on general skincare, and the basics on how to choose a product that works for you.


6. Ruruberry

Skincare can sometimes feel like it comes with a lot of fluff- the big words are hard for a rookie to understand and decipher for their skin. Don’t worry about that with Ruruberry though! They’re as straightforward and no-nonsense as it gets when it comes to what your skin needs.

Their products are for the minimalist to target exactly what their skin concerns are. If you’re not sure what your skin type needs, drop them a message & they’ll give you personalised advice!


7. Chuck’s

Chuck’s just does skincare right. They just get that flawless skin on the outside translates to feeling good on the inside, which translates all the way into how they name their products. Their products are easily accessible, with even a vending machine where you can get your skincare needs on the go.

This goal has them transcending skincare into cosy loungewear and activewear in their Motherchuckers line, making them a go-to for feel-good products.

Caring for your skin can be complicated, but these brands make it so, so easy. What’s your favourite skincare brand? Let us know!