How To Choose Activewear That Suits Your Body Type

by Natashya Khoo on Apr 22, 2022

How To Choose Activewear That Suits Your Body Type

How’s your relationship with your body? For a lot of us, it’s been a journey of ups and downs. We believe that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and that they’re all worthy of nurture and care. 

In loving our bodies, we want to wear clothes that make us look our best, and feel our best. When working out, some of us have the tendency to wear big, baggy clothes. It’s just more comfortable! But at the same time, good activewear just helps you move better, sweat easier and bring your performance up a notch!

Here’s how to choose activewear that suits your body type:

1. Determine your body shape
2. Highlight what you want to see
3. Don’t be afraid to try new styles


1. Determine your body shape

Contrary to what you might think, body shape is NOT body size! Body shape is determined by  the dimensions of your body. You can choose to measure your body with a measuring tape for this, or just eyeball it in the mirror. From there, you can figure if your body is:

  • Apple shaped (heavier upper body compared to lower part of body)
  • Hourglass shaped (proportionate top and bottom parts of body, defined waist)
  • Pear shaped (heavier lower part of body compared to upper body)
  • Inverted triangle shaped (shoulders broader than your hips)
  • Rectangle shaped (well balanced, not too much definition)

Determining your body shape is helpful in helping you pick what to wear across the board, including with activewear. It’s also good to remember that our body fluctuates all the time, so check in with your body now and then.


2. Highlight what you want to see

A rule of thumb in choosing what to wear for your body type is to balance out the proportions of your body. For instance, if you’re apple shaped (heavier upper body), you can opt for high-waisted leggings at the gym to flaunt your legs, and give a balanced illusion to your silhouette.

For a rectangle shaped body, we suggest you to accentuate your arms with long sleeves tops and your legs with shorts when you’re working out. Or for a pear shaped body, opting for v-neck sport bras to accentuate the chest. It’s all about creating balance and showing off parts of your body that you want to see more.

Of course, in working out, you want to firstly choose activewear that is comfortable, gives you the right amount of support and helps you move your best. So trust your body, and the rest will follow!


3. Don’t be afraid to try new styles

Maybe you are the kind of person to throw on a short-sleeve top and shorts at the gym, and this is new information to you. Some style habits can be hard to break, and for some of us it might even be too much to let go of styles we know and love- and that’s okay! 

But if you’re thinking of changing up your fitness fashion, don’t be afraid to try outfit designs, colours and prints that you’ve never tried before. Even if you’ve seen it look off on another body, bear in mind that it might be different on yours (maybe for the better).

This year let’s look good and feel good when we crush our workouts, LIVLOLA fam! Ready to make the switch?