Need A Lift? Here's Why A Moulded Bra's Your New Best Friend

by Natashya Khoo on Apr 15, 2022

Need A Lift? Here's Why A Moulded Bra's Your New Best Friend

When browsing sports bras, one thing that we always check for is the bra’s padding. We want to make sure it’s firm enough, that it stays in place, and that it gives us the support we need for when we’re working out.

But with all the good also comes all the hassle. Removing the cups to wash it (or just tossing it into the wash as is), not having enough coverage, losing a cup… sometimes it feels like it’d be easier to wear a normal bra if it just had the right amount of support.

Enter the moulded bra.

A moulded bra -specifically a moulded sports bra- takes all the good of a regular bra and combines it with everything you need for a sports bra. Marrying the best of both worlds, it’s something you can wear in and out of the gym.

Here are 3 reasons why a moulded bra’s about to be your new best friend.

  1. It fits to your form
  2. It’s high support
  3. No wires, no problem


1. It fits to your form

While a typical sports bra straps your chest in for the ride, a moulded bra fits exactly to your form, curving where your breasts curve. It doesn’t take away from your body’s natural shape, nor does it add to it. It just holds you in place with no squeeze- if you get the right size, that is.

If you’re more well-endowed, it might also be a little harder to shop for bras, especially if you’re in Asia where clothes are size (way too) small. With a moulded bra, you no longer have to squeeze into bras that don’t fit you well. A moulded bra is designed to fit!


2. It’s high support

Is a regular padded sports bra good for yoga, or the occasional spin class? Sure. When it comes to more high intensity workouts, you’re gonna want something that holds the girls in place.

Don’t expect any peekaboos from a moulded bra- it gives full coverage, which means it minimises spillage as well. With all that in place, it’s no surprise the amount of support a moulded bra provides even for the most strenuous of activities. You’re guaranteed to have no accidents with a moulded bra!


3. No wires, no problem

You might be thinking, the only way a moulded bra can hold its shape is with underwire. Good news if that’s you, because that’s not true! Bras like these are usually made out of moulded foam that’s sewn into place, so it won’t move around like a traditional sports bra.

Most moulded bras have adjustable hooks too, which helps secure your breasts in place. A moulded bra truly is for you if you need support, and want to feel as in your body as possible.

If you need support, LIVLOLA fam, you know we got you!