Starting Yoga? Here's How To Choose Yoga Pants

by Natashya Khoo on Oct 18, 2022

Starting Yoga? Here's How To Choose Yoga Pants

It can be hard to stick to a workout routine when you first decide to work out, & that’s no different with yoga. Getting fresh new activewear might sound trivial, but sometimes it’s the little things that help keep us going.

If your ‘new year, new me’ goal is to get into yoga, what better time to shop for a new pair of yoga leggings? Year end sales can help you score the biggest deals, & you’ll get more value for your buck if you’re looking to buy more than one.

If you don’t know what pants to buy for yoga, fret not! We’re here to help you choose what you need best & for what suits your practice.

1. Full length leggings
2. Capri leggings
3. Biker shorts
4. Regular shorts
5. Flare leggings
6. Leggings with pockets
7. Sweatpants
8. No pants!


1. Full length leggings

Full length leggings are the traditional, easy choice when it comes to picking yoga pants that work for you. Something that comes up high waist will help your core feel more stable & engaged. Lengthwise, something that goes down to your ankles helps reduce your skin’s friction with your mat.


2. Capri leggings

Want something that isn’t all the way long, but still keeps you looking modest? Capri leggings are the way to go. These three quarter pants have all the benefits of regular leggings, but are a little more casual. They also leave space to show off your cool socks!


3. Biker shorts

If your yoga flow is more intense, like power yoga or hatha yoga, biker shorts will help your legs stay cool throughout your session. Biker shorts usually end above the knee, so you don’t have to worry about any additional fabric getting in the way. It goes with the shape of your body too, minimising distractions. 


4. Regular shorts

Regular shorts make the transition from yoga to, well, anything else, easy! Shorts are diverse and pretty comfy, which makes moving from workout to rest that much easier. However, do bear in mind that it’ll move around a lot, & you might get a toe snagged in the pant leg in the right (or wrong) pose.


5. Flare leggings

We’ll be honest- flare leggings are mostly for the vibes than for function. Flare leggings are the latest activewear trend, where it’s leggings all the way to the bottom, and a surprise flared leg at the end. Have your pants be as flowy as you!


6. Leggings with pockets

Ideally, you shouldn’t have anything on you while doing yoga except your clothes. However, there are situations where you just need your phone closeby, or don’t know where to store your car keys. Enter leggings with pockets! Opt for either side pockets, or pockets on the waistband.


7. Sweatpants

Long, loose-fitting pants aren’t exactly the top of the list for optimal yoga pants, but some days you just need to flow in comfort. We recommend this more so if it’s that time of the month, you’re doing bed yoga, or if you’re flowing into more of a yin or gentle vinyasa yoga.


8. No pants!

For something a little more unconventional, why not try no pants when you’re flowing at home? Keep your underwear on & flow without restraints or distractions. This practice might even take you deeper into being more comfortable with your body.

What pants do you usually flow in? Tell us all about it, LIVLOLA fam!