7 Yogis Who We, Like, Love

by Natashya Khoo on Dec 16, 2021

7 Yogis Who We, Like, Love

We love yoga! Not only is it perfect for unwinding, but it’s suitable for all ages, for all bodies and for all stages of fitness. If your resolution for the new year is to get into yoga (or to be more consistent with it), signing up for a class might sound like a great place to start.

However, we know that not everyone is comfortable leaving the comfort and safety of their homes just yet in 2022. If you’re tired of YouTube instructionals, or just looking for some motivation, here are seven yogis to follow for that sweet, sweet yoga inspo!


1. Eunice Seet

Eunice is an instructor at Daily Muscle, and specialises in yoga sculpt and vinyasa yoga. Her group classes are vibrant, full of energy and sweaty! Outside of classes, she is also active in uploading easy-to-follow tutorials on her YouTube channel and leads some of LIVLOLA’s community initiatives as well.

Follow her on Instagram: @eunwithyoga


2. Jenifer Alicia Ooi

Jenifer is the founder of Karma Yoga, a Malaysian home-grown yoga studio active in classes and community offerings. She is a certified mobility specialist who also runs Yoga Daily, a podcast on Spotify that encourages listeners to be the best version of themselves!

Follow her on Instagram: @jenifer.yoga


3. Kylie Denis

A Canadian residing in Malaysia, Kylie helms Omology Yoga which is an online studio, as well as a yoga teacher training school. She has thousands of hours of yoga training under her belt (or mat), and has been a yogi for more than 10 years. For an in-person lesson, you can occasionally find her at fitness events too!

Follow her on Instagram: @yogakylie


4. Evelyn Loh

Founder of One Earth Yoga, Evelyn is an artist and musician on top of being a yogi, and incorporates those elements into her practice. With years of training under her belt, she takes on yoga students and trains them to be able to instruct.

Follow her on Instagram: @evelynlohyoga


5. Charmaine

Charmaine is better known as kuihkapit on Instagram where she provides injury-friendly yoga tips and beginner lessons. She is also an instructor at Hippie Hub, and hosts Zoom classes multiple times a week.

Follow her on Instagram: @kuihkapit


6. Edward Chung

For some male fitspo (yoga-spo?), Edward is an avid yogi who runs in-person and online classes regularly. Based in Malaysia, his flow-based yoga classes are affordable and suitable for practitioners of all levels.

Follow him on Instagram: @edwardcyh


7. Jiamin Yang

Jiamin is the founder of Jyan Yoga Studio in Singapore. She is an international ballroom dancer and is a big fan of acro yoga. She has a huge following on her Instagram, where she showcases yoga poses in her everyday life, which makes us want to get up and practice too!

Follow her on Instagram: @jyanyoga