A Guide To Smashing Your 2022 Goals

by Natashya Khoo on Dec 27, 2021

A Guide To Smashing Your 2022 Goals

2022 is right around the corner! Give yourself a pat on the back- for a lot of us Malaysians, it’s been a rough year. Here’s to our resilience and strength in making it through these unprecedented times.

With that in mind, setting new year’s resolutions might look a little different this time around. We could swing to the extreme of wanting to reclaim the year we lost to the pandemic, or the other end of not asking the universe for too much.

Whether your goals are to get swole or simply to find more rest, here are five of our go-to tips on how you can set your goals for 2022, and stick with them.


1. Be specific with your goals

When figuring out your resolutions, go with things that are concrete. Instead of saying that you want to be healthier this year, try getting into practical ways that you can accomplish your goals.

For example, if you wish to get healthier instead of merely setting a goal of taking more walks, you can set a goal of going for a walk every Saturday morning around your neighbourhood. It’ll be easier to accomplish if the goal isn’t vague!


2. Don’t overwhelm yourself

From that last one, you might be thinking -- to be healthy, you can go to the gym more often, go on a diet, walk to buy groceries… but that can easily become real overwhelming, real quick.

While you might feel ultra motivated now, prep your goals for your most un-motivated self. Gauge how you do then and work upwards!


3. ‘What if I can?’

If you have made goals and fallen short of them before, you might have a lot of doubts in your head about going at it for 2022 -- a year that follows such a difficult season.

When embarking on your resolution list, take the what-if-I-can’ts and ask – what if I can? There is a world of possibilities. Don’t limit yourself!


4. Set goals that are healthy

There is a fine line between setting a healthy and challenging goal vs an extreme and unhealthy goal. Setting a goal to make healthier food choices is very different from going on an extreme weight-loss diet that can be unsustainable in the long run.

Ultimately, your goals should serve you -- not the other way around. By setting goals that are healthy for your body, mind and soul you are actively practising self-care, which your goals should contribute to.


5. Tell someone about your goals

It is always easier to accomplish your goals when you are in a community that shares the same beliefs as you do and are supportive of your achievements.

With other people keeping you accountable, you will receive motivation to reach your resolution, and perhaps some tips and tricks from people who have done it before and genuinely want the best for you. Whether it’s to a person or to a group, tell someone!

We know you can do it, LIVLOLA fam! May 2022 be gentle on us all :)