4 Ways To Stay Active While Fasting During Ramadan 2022

by Natashya Khoo on Apr 09, 2022

4 Ways To Stay Active While Fasting During Ramadan 2022

It’s the holy month of Ramadan! For a lot of us, 2022 is the first time that we get to fast with our families and loved ones after two (or more) years of being separated due to the pandemic. The month before Raya is a great time to self-reflect, do good and draw close to our faith.

Even though it's the fasting season, it’s still important that we stay active throughout the month. No, we’re not thinking of lifting heavy weights, but it’s important that we keep our bodies moving to keep us awake and alert.

Here are five ways to stay active during Ramadan!

  1. Have a rough schedule for the day
  2. Stick with low intensity workouts
  3. Eat well
  4. Don’t forget to rest


1. Have a rough schedule for the day

Plan your time between sahur and iftar wisely! Between beginning your fast and breaking it, seize the day in between! Especially for the first few days, it can be hard to get used to the lethargy and tiredness from not eating. A daily schedule will help you get out of bed and get going.

You might feel the need to be your ‘best self’, but aim to just be your normal self- just optimised slightly! Plan out enough activities in your day to keep you occupied, but not so much that you burn out.


2. Stick with low intensity workouts

Let’s face it- working out every day just might not be feasible when you’re fasting, and for some it might downright be too much. It’s the month of kindness, and it’s important to show kindness to yourself first and foremost. 

If you have a workout regimen already, try halving it and listen to your body as you work out. Comfy clothes are also great so that you don’t feel too restricted in your movement. As the month goes, check back in with your body to see if you’re able to do a little more, and go from there.


3. Eat well

It might sound ironic to be eating well during the fasting month, but what you eat in the morning and while breaking your fast is really important for having energy throughout the day. It’s not uncommon for some of us to skip our morning sahur meal (the bed’s just too soft at dawn!), but waking up for a high-protein meal can help set the tone for the rest of the day, even if you go right back to sleep.

Meals at dusk tend to be a feast -which you should enjoy!-, but make wise food choices. We all know to eat in moderation, but what we eat is equally as important. Have a good balance between carbs and protein, and hydrate well!


4. Don’t forget to rest

You have a schedule, some workouts in here and there, and the right food to keep your body energised. Now, it’s time for some rest! Let’s face it, your body may not function as optimally as it does on a regular basis. Rest is vital to take care of your body, while taking the time to self-reflect in the holy month.

Rest might not necessarily mean sleep. It can also be resting during your ‘lunch break’ or planning slower days.

Have a blessed month, LIVLOLA fam!