5 Experiences To Gift Your Fit Friend For Christmas 2022

by Natashya Khoo on Nov 14, 2022

5 Experiences To Gift Your Fit Friend For Christmas 2022

2023 looks like a year set for adventure. We see so many people rushing to renew their passports, jumping into new hobbies and claiming back the lives that we’ve all missed for two years (& then some). 

For the holiday season, why not help the fitness friends in your life get into their Dora the Explorer era by gifting them an experience? Sure, physical gifts are nice, but there’s nothing like a new activity that gets those endorphins going.

Here are 5 experiences to gift your friends this Christmas!

  1. Adventure parks
  2. Outdoor rock climbing
  3. Riding an ATV
  4. Go karting
  5. Driving range


1. Adventure parks

Skytrex Adventure, Shah Alam: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Did you know that adrenaline actually strengthens your memory? Make memories of a lifetime with your friend (or fit friends!) at an adventure park. SKYTREX, X Park, Escape… there are a plethora of places to head to for a fun, holiday adventure.

Plus point of making it a Christmas present is that you have the rest of your year-end break to recover!


2. Outdoor rock climbing

Rock Climbing in Damai Wall, Batu Caves - Andy Saiden

Indoor rock climbing? Cool. Outdoor rock climbing though? Now there’s a real challenge. For a friend who’s into fitness, an outdoor activity is always an exciting surprise.

Batu Caves is one of the more popular places in the Klang Valley, where you’ll be able to spot newbies and veterans alike. 


3. Riding an ATV

Gopeng ATV Adventure Trail Ride | Malaysia | Adventoro

If your friend has had a rough year, best believe they’ll feel stronger than ever sitting on top of an ATV! Don’t be threatened by its large exterior- an ATV isn’t all that difficult to handle.

A note on looking for a good place to go in Malaysia, look for one with high reviews as there are many that don’t have the proper licensing or safety precautions. Be safe & have fun!


4. Go karting

Morac 1 Utama Go Kart Track

Why make your friend spend their holiday stuck in a traffic jam on the way to Christmas dinner with you, when you can give them the gift of speed instead?

Driving fast in our perpetual traffic jams is impossible, so tearing up the go kart track is the perfect gift. Head to Sunway Serene or One Utama for go kart tracks in PJ & KL.


5. Driving range

Driving Ranges in Kuala Lumpur | Deemples Golf

If you’re wondering whether this is similar to go karting, it’s okay, we were just as confused. A driving range is actually a place where people go to practice their golf swing. So it’s like golf, but no hole-in-ones; only markers to show how far your golf ball goes.

Kota Damansara has one of the more popular driving ranges, & is open to all- even newbies!

Need an active set for you & your friend before you take on your adrenaline-filled adventures? You know we got you!