Top 7 Gym Chains To Stay Fit On The Go in Malaysia

by Natashya Khoo on Aug 01, 2022

Top 7 Gym Chains To Stay Fit On The Go in Malaysia

There’s just something about a gym chain, or a ‘branded’ gym that has multiple locations. Life is moving faster than ever before, & it’s easier to commit to one when there’s a gym near you all the time- regardless if you’re at work, home, or elsewhere!

Gyms just make working out easier, especially when you’re on the go. Working out at home isn’t always conducive, and after two years of being inside, it just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you’re looking to up the ante and get back to the grind, here are our top seven picks for gym chains across PJ & KL!

(Ps, most of these gyms are open for all, but click here for our women-friendly gym recommendations!

  1. Anytime Fitness
  2. Believe Fitness
  3. Peak Fitness
  4. Celebrity Fitness
  5. Chi Fitness
  6. Fitness First
  7. F45 Training


1. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is, by far, one of the most popular gym chains in Malaysia. They have over 5,000 branches in more than 50 countries, and the number continues to go up. Depending on your membership profile, you’ll be able to get access at any of their gyms around the world. It’s perfect if you travel a lot for work & need a quick pick-me-up!



2. Believe Fitness


One of the latest gym chains to hit Selangor, Believe Fitness have convenient locations in Kepong, Petaling Jaya, Cheras and more. They have a variety of free virtual classes on their YouTube and even offer a free trial membership for you to get a taste of what they’re all about before diving all in!



3. Peak Fitness

Peak Fitness G Tower, Kuala Lumpur - Global Gym Bunny

Unlike some of the gyms featured here, Peak Fitness has a few branches in the Klang Valley, and also 2 branches up north- one in Penang and one in Kedah. They specialise in cardio, strength & functional training classes, which are tailored for you to get the most out of your workout if you don’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym.



4. Celebrity Fitness

Celebrity Fitness @ Bangsar Village II - Gym & Fitness Center in Malaysia

We’ve all heard of Celebrity Fitness- it’s pretty much a household name. With branches all across Asia, they have clubs in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor. They offer personalised memberships that you can customise according to your lifestyle, giving you full control over what you need for your health journey!



5. CHi Fitness

CHi-X Fitness - Sunway Velocity - Gym in Klang, Malaysia | Top-Rated.Online

CHi Fitness prides themselves in being one of the few gyms that don’t come with lengthy contracts (that are near impossible to escape sometimes), and have affordable packages that make working out accessible to all. They’re located around the Klang Valley and up north, and offer a free trial to test it all out.



6. Fitness First

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training & Workout Classes | Fitness First MY

This gym is one that spans across Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Fitness First makes having a personal trainer easy with their mobile app, and affordable for many. Besides personal training, you can also sign up for gym access and classes with their customisable membership. They have everything you need to live your fit girl lifestyle!



7. F45 Training

The Best Gyms and Fitness Studios in Kuala Lumpur

Last, but certainly not least on the list, is F45 Training. They started off in Australia and have been steadily building in the Klang Valley with seven branches at time of writing. They specialise in functional training programs that go for 45 minutes each, which is reflected in the name of their gym. Their training happens in groups where you can motivate each other to go hard!



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