5 Long Resistance Band Workouts

by Natashya Khoo on Nov 15, 2021

5 Long Resistance Band Workouts


It isn’t much of a secret that  resistance bands are one of our favourite pieces of equipment. They’re great for  targeted workouts, can be easily  incorporated into any routine, and can be  carried around with ease.

While short resistance bands are great for working the lower body, long resistance bands work wonders for the arms and chest, and for a full body routine too! You can also wrap them around different parts of your body, or place them around an anchor point. This versatility and range make long resistance bands a piece of equipment not to be missed!

Whip out your mats, towel and resistance bands, and let’s get to six workouts you can do with a long resistance band for a full body workout. These workouts can be done anywhere, so whether you (& your resistance band) are on vacation, taking a quick break or on the go, keep these routines in mind!

1. Banded side lunge

Stand with your feet apart and with one end of your long resistance band under your feet on both sides. Holding the top part of your band, get into a side lunge to the right, raising the band parallel to the floor. 

While still in a lunge, bring your arms back down and return to your starting position. Repeat this on the left side. Alternate between this for 60 seconds.

2. Double banded SLD

SLD stands for stiff-leg deadlift, which is a move traditionally done with weights. Replace it with a long resistance band by laying it flat on the ground & standing on top of it with both feet. With your legs together, grab hold of both sides of the excess band & lift upwards, like you would with weights.

To keep your legs stiff and in place, use a short resistance band if you have one, and place it just above your knees. Bend at the hip, while keeping your back & legs straight. The short band keeps your knees from caving into one another, so keep it tight and keep your core engaged so that your back stays straight too. Repeat this for 60 seconds.

3. Banded DB rows

DB stands for dumbbell, which you can opt to use in this workout for added weights. Placing your band on the floor, step on it with one leg. Place the other leg behind you for support, and keep your hips bent while having your back and engaged leg straight. Grab hold of both ends of the excess band & pull upwards, then down. 

You can opt to have a dumbbell in each hand for this, but it isn’t required. Make sure to engage your upper back during the DB row, and that your arm doing the row moves back towards the hips. Repeat this for 30 seconds, then switch legs and repeat for an additional 30 seconds.

4. Double banded crab walk

Crab walks are a great way to strengthen your glutes! Start by placing a short resistance band right above your knees. Then, place one end of your long band below both feet, and the other end around your shoulders. Hold the two ends of the band in front of you and get into a half squat.

While in the half squat, do a crab walk- take two steps to the left, then two steps to the right in a slow and controlled motion. Make sure the inner foot doesn’t spring in, and that the resistance bands stay stretched throughout the exercise. Repeat this for 60 seconds.

5. Underhand grip front raise

This is probably the simplest move in the list, but with the biggest impact on your arms. Stand with your feet apart and with one end of your long resistance band under your feet on both sides.

With both hands, grab the top part of your band and pull so that your arms are parallel to the ground. Bring your arms back down and do a bicep curl after pulling the band up. Repeat this move for 60 seconds.