Sculpt Up! 5 Must-Have Equipments

by Natashya Khoo on Nov 26, 2021

Sculpt Up! 5 Must-Have Equipments

Bread roll abs, toned arms, chiseled legs- who doesn’t want a sculpted body? In the wise words of Britney Spears (yay #freedbritney!), if you want a hot body, you better work [redacted]. And we know you’re ready to work, but a little help won’t hurt.

With a quick Google search, you’d find that there are tons of tutorials out there on the art of body sculpting (no, not the invasive kind). Before you get to landscaping your body, here are five pieces of equipment that you’ll need in your  sculpt kit to help you along your journey!


1.  Jump rope

Whether you call it a jump rope, speed rope or skip rope, this lightweight piece of equipment is one that we’re well-acquainted with. Who would have thought that our beloved childhood game could end up shaping us up in the future? Not 12-year-old us, that’s for sure.

Skipping rope is a full-body workout that tones your legs, abs and even face. Some ropes allow you to adjust its length, which can help you go faster, jump higher, and  incorporate tricks too! Looking cool while toning up? Yes please.


2.  Long resistance band

We have to say it again-  we’re obsessed with long resistance bands. They are versatile, easy to bring around and add resistance to any workout. They come in different strengths, meaning that you can always up the ante on your workouts. It helps your arms, glutes, legs… everything, with the right workouts! 

Having a few also means you can tone different parts of the body according to what it needs. It’s the essence of sculpting your physique: doing what is right for your body, to match your wants and needs.


3.  Foam roller

Wait, isn’t that for stretching? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that the stretching you do actually has an impact in your sculpting process. Doing it after (and before!) a workout has been proven to increase your range of motion, allowing you to perform your workouts more effectively and efficiently.

Aside from that, foam rolling also relieves muscle tension, soreness and inflammation- all which would hinder you from performing at your best. You can’t sculpt your body if it’s not ready to be sculpted. A foam roller can help with that! 


4.  Short resistance band

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a short band and a long one, short resistance bands are more suitable if you want to add resistance into your  existing workouts. Long resistance bands are more suited for workouts that are created for it (but can defo be used for the former too).

They also come in a  number of strengths, which helps for when you want to modify your workouts. One of the easiest ways to use it is to wrap them just above your knees for squats, leg lifts, or anything that requires some leg tension. You’ll be sculpting up your quads and glutes in no time!


5.  Sliders

This piece of equipment is perhaps the most niche in this list, but definitely as important. Exercise sliders, or gliding discs, creates an unstable surface. This helps you engage your core as you maintain balance during the workout.

Its smooth surface allows you to glide further and shape up your body in the process. A budget version is to work out with socks on a hardwood floor. Keeping your core engaged while slipping and sliding through your workouts is a surefire way to get sculpted- just be careful!

Now that you have built your own  sculpt kit (or built one for a friend), it’s time to  get sculpted, LIVLOLA fam!