4 Unconventional Places To Work Out

by Natashya Khoo on Dec 28, 2021

4 Unconventional Places To Work Out

POV: You’re the main character at the gym, decked out with an on-trend matching set, flying on the treadmill with an even matchier pair of weighted bangles to get that extra burn. Extra? Not you. This is your moment.

But unfortunately… life isn’t always ideal. The gym isn’t always accessible, our fits aren’t always on fire, and sometimes we’re just strapped for time and money. If you haven’t been able to work out main character-style, here are four unconventional ways that you can still get that exercise in.


1. At home

Before the lockdown, this was probably not as conventional as it is now. However, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t been able to, or would still like to continue doing so.

Dedicate a small space in your room or home for your workouts, invest in some basic workout equipments and tune into that virtual workout session. And voila! You have built your very own personalised home-gym!


2. At your desk

I know what you’re thinking- how do I work out in office wear? Fortunately, not all workouts require physically wearing our activewear. For example, a short resistance band around your legs is enough to get some light resistance workout and stretches mid-way through your work day.

You can easily do so at the comfort of sitting in front of your work desk. Additionally, you can opt for a standing desk if your office allows it, or an exercise ball to sit on at home.


3. The stairs

Remember that Kung Fu Panda scene where Po goes, the staaairrss! The stairs can truly be our worst enemy if we are in a pencil skirt and heels, but not so if we are dressed in a comfortable pair of pants or leggings and flats!

Consciously make the choice to use the stairs heading up to your house or workplace instead of using the elevator or escalator. You can also choose to walk up to your colleague who’s at a different side of the room the next time, despite it being so tempting to just drop them a text!


4. In bed

Get your mind out of the gutter! There are real workouts to be had from the comfort of your own bed, especially if you struggle with mobility issues. Legs lifts, side body stretches… the list is endless if you are willing to get creative. People who prefer to move in a snuggly sweater instead of fitnesswear, this one’s for you!

Wherever you work out, we know you are going to kill it. Own your workout, LIVLOLA fam!