Best Booty Home Workout with Resistance Band For Beginners

by Liv Lola on Jul 21, 2020

Best Booty Home Workout with Resistance Band For Beginners



You’re seeing them everywhere. It seems as if, lately, every single fitness guru you are following has one in her collection.

We’re talking about resistance bands! Also affectionately referred to as ‘booty’ bands. Your one-stop booty-friendly workout addition, if anything.

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Of course, resistance bands can be used for a number of things. But right now, we’ve lined up 7 resistance band workouts that are going to specifically target those glutes.

With the right consistency and form, this routine is tailored to isolate and target your smaller glute muscles. If you’re a beginner who’s practically never been exposed to weight training or adding equipment to routines—these bands coupled with this routine is a fantastic place to start. 

So if you’ve ever wondered if resistance bands can build glutes—the short answer is: hell, yes.

But, wait. Before we get started with this exciting home workout, let’s talk about some basic ground rules.

-   Each set in this workout is going to last for about 30 seconds.

-   After each set, take a 15-second break. (Remember to load up on lots of water!).

-   Always, always do a quick 30-second warm-up before you get into this resistance band workout routine.



 1. 3X Pulse Plie Squats (30 Seconds)


Before we get into using a full-on resistance band workout routine, let’s start you off with some pulse plie squats.

Start off with standing both legs slightly wider than hip-width apart, and turn out both feet. Then, pulse for 3 times, rising up while you squeeze your glutes muscles on the 4th count. 

Repeat this movement for 30 seconds with your body’s pressure placed firmly on the balls of your feet.



 2. Reverse Lunges To Squat (30 Seconds)


Let’s finally spice up your workout at home. Whip out that resistance band, slide it over your knees and get started with a reverse lunge.

Basically, you need to step backwards and bend till your knees are at a 90-degree angle lunge. 

Clasp your hands tightly together to help you stay balanced throughout this workout. Then, go back into a squat position of legs hip-width apart and pulse once.

Repeat this resistance band workout routine for 30 seconds for a powerful glute exercise.



 3. Reverse Hyperextension (30 Seconds)


A reverse hyperextension home workout should start off with you lying chest-down on your yoga mat. Fold your arms underneath your chin and look straight ahead!

Slowly but surely, start off with raising both legs off the ground, and keeping it suspended in the air for 1-2 seconds. Then, touch the ground slightly with your toes and repeat these movements again for 30 seconds.

At this point, you’re bound to feel the burn! But keep going, girl!

The reverse hyperextensions are doing their magic on your glutes and hamstrings—and subsequently increasing flexibility in your hips as well as building your resilience against lower back injuries.



 4. Walking Side Squats (30 Seconds)


Start off by standing with your feet hip-width apart at one end of the mat, and squat down. Then, take one step to the right with your right foot until your feet become shoulder-width apart. 

Do the same with your left foot till you are now standing hip-width apart. 

Once you reach one end of the mat, repeat this movement to take small steps on the left side. 

Continue walking in this sideways motion for 30 seconds.

This might look easy! But, it’s a resistance exercise with bands that’s much more challenging than meets the eye. 

Especially now that you’re going to start feeling the burn in your glutes and outer thigh area—which is where this home workout is going to target the most!



 5. Knee Squats (30 Seconds)


Start this resistance band workout set by getting in a kneeling position, where your bottom is almost seated on your heel. With your knees spread slightly apart, straighten your back and stare straight ahead.

Put both hands to the side of your head (right behind your ears work fine!) and thrust your hip forward, squeezing your glutes and keeping your core engaged.  

 The most important thing is to keep your back nice and straight, and of course, not exert your neck too much when you’re thrusting forward! 



 6. Curtsy Lunges (30 Seconds)


With your hands crossed behind your head, start by placing your left foot behind your right foot and lunge down with your knees almost touching the ground. Repeat the same movement with your right knee and get it done vice versa!

Curtsy lunges are a pretty sweet home workout set to add to your routine. It’s fairly easy to get done from a beginner’s perspective—and adding a resistance band to it works wonders for your gluteus medius.   

Essentially, working on your gluteus medius is a muscle in your booty that would also improve your posture through stabilising your hips.

A double whammy glutes exercise? Yes, please!



 7. Standing Leg Raises (30 Seconds)


You’re at the final set of this workout! To wrap up your resistance band workout routine, get started with your hands behind your ears once again.

Make sure you’re standing upright, with your back straight. Then, kick your right leg back--as far back as you can. 

Move on to your left leg after 30 seconds, and repeat this motion.

The standing leg raises are a classic, and it’s even more fun when you get to add resistance bands to it!

It’s meant for basic leg strength training, while also doing wonders for overall flexibility of your lower body. 

And there you have it! 7 sets of a super-targeted, maximum efficacy and beginner-friendly booty workout!

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