4 Ways To Easily Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

by Natashya Khoo on Apr 01, 2022

4 Ways To Easily Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based eating has seen a surge in popularity in the last decade. It’s hard to ignore the benefits of a vegan diet- it’s better both for your body and for the environment. There are more and more options for those who opt for plant-based meals and diets, both in restaurants and for people who cook at home.

If you’ve been raised on an omnivorous diet, or just can’t imagine a life without eating meat, you’re in good company. A lot of newer vegans don’t necessarily hate meat- they just want to make better choices with what they put into their body. Thus, there are a lot of ways that the transition can be made easier.

Here are four ways for you to make the switch, seamlessly!

  • Look up easy recipes
  • Get groceries that can be used across meals
  • Make the switch gradually
  • Don’t do it alone

    1. Look up easy recipes

    A big part of a new diet is being able to prepare meals for said diet. There are lots of vegan restaurants and cafes out there, but a plant-based diet is only truly sustainable when you can prepare healthy food for yourself.

    An easy way to start looking for recipes is to type the word ‘vegan’ in front of recipes that you already make. If your go-to meal is macaroni and cheese, look up the vegan version! Most plant-based recipes are not very far off from what you’re used to making- they just have substitutes for meat, dairy, and other animal produce.


    2. Get groceries that can be used across meals

    Looking up recipes and saw one that uses a mushroom that you’ve never heard of? Being adventurous in your vegan cooking keeps it exciting, but don’t forget to have basic ingredients that you can use across different recipes. 

    A bundle of basic veggies like bok choy, lettuce and broccoli can go a long way. They’re good for a lot of common Asian and Western dishes, and you might already be familiar with preparing it. Mushrooms, tempeh and mock meats are also easy substitutes to the ‘meat’ portion of your usual meals.


    3. Make the switch gradually

    You don’t have to go cold turkey on meat. Yes, it’s a higher carbon footprint, and yes, a plant-based diet is healthier. But we’re just going to say it- some of us love meat! Sometimes, meat is also unavoidable in family or social situations. 

    It’s okay to take your time with your plant-based transition, and it’s also okay if you eat meat sometimes. Some people do Meatless Mondays, others only eat meat when they eat out. Remember, it’s better to do it imperfectly than to not do it at all.


    4. Don’t do it alone

    It is always better to start a new habit having some form of accountability. Having people around you to cheer you on and pick you back up when you’re down is vital, especially in making such a big life change.

    If you don’t have a good support system, there are plenty of online communities with people that are ever ready to support you on your journey, including ours!

    Don’t give up, LIVLOLA fam!