Losing Motivation? Here's How To Stick With Your New Years Resolutions

by Natashya Khoo on Feb 04, 2022

Losing Motivation? Here's How To Stick With Your New Years Resolutions

Are you the kind of person to make resolutions for the new year? Heading into 2022 after two years of instability can make even the most optimistic among us feel a little disheartened. We’ve had to deal with cancelled plans, pivoting goals and fear that comes with losing even more time to the pandemic.

While times are still looking uncertain, many people are taking this new year as an opportunity to try new things, or maintain habits long-term. Even though things look different, we’ve also learned that life is a gift which we should cherish by filling it with meaning.

If you started the year motivated and on-board with making new years’ resolutions, and have been finding it hard to keep to it almost a month into 2022, here are our top tips on sticking with your goals to the end.


1. Bend your rules without breaking them

If you’re the ‘rules were made to be broken’ kind of person, then maybe resolutions aren’t for you… Kidding! Jokes aside, think about how you can bend your own rules so that you still keep to the resolution, but not as tightly.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have willpower, but maybe you set your resolutions without realising how difficult it would be to keep up with it. It could also be the timing of your resolutions. For example, you might have wanted to wake up two hours early to meditate or work out, but maybe an hour is more feasible instead.


2. Re-evaluate your goals

Maybe you’ve already gone back to the drawing board, bent your rules, but found that you just can’t get yourself to skip rope every day. If it’s not working out, be open to consider the idea that maybe the resolution just isn’t for you in your current season.

With all the fitspo you get from the internet, you may be feeling a little down on yourself for not being able to live up to your goals. A good rule when this happens is to think about the heart behind your resolutions. For instance, was skipping rope for a fast and easy workout? Then, maybe modify your goal to an even simpler workout for a while for some momentum first.


3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Life is meant to be done in community; things are just more fun when you do it with people! If a little push is what you need, find a close friend or a group of people that you can work out your resolutions with. 

Whether it’s to discuss strategies on how to accomplish your goals together, or simply to complain about it every once in a while, doing life with others is the best way to keep your spirits up, and your likelihood of dropping out low. 


Tell us your resolutions, LIVLOLA fam- let’s journey along together!