What To Gift Your Fit Friend For Christmas

by Natashya Khoo on Dec 09, 2021

What To Gift Your Fit Friend For Christmas

Manoeuvring life after (during?) the pandemic has been challenging for all of us over the past two years. As we approach the end of 2021 and hit the holidays, it’s important that we take the festive season as a time to celebrate ourselves and the people around us for making it through a difficult year.

Let’s talk about what to get your fit friend! They’ve probably had it rough, having to work out from home and rely purely on online fitness classes. With things so uncertain for 2022, here are gifts that you can get them that will surely motivate them on their health journey.

… and if you’re the fit friend, get it for you. Promise we won’t tell.


1. A snuggly pair of socks

Christmas in Malaysia is sweater weather not because of snowfall, but because of the monsoon season. Let your friend feel like the main character of a tacky Hallmark Christmas movie by getting them a pair of warm socks

Socks are perfect for lounge, gym and everything in between. Pair it with a cozy sweatshirt, a pair of oversized sweatpants, and you’ll (almost) be warm enough to dethaw Mariah Carey in all her Christmas album glory.


2. A workout program

Looking for a meaningful gift that won’t hurt the environment? Consider gifting your friend a virtual workout program. A lot of us have New Years’ resolutions to start a new workout regime, so equip your friend with a resource that will help them do just that.

You could get them a gym membership as well, but the plus point of a workout program is that they can go at their own pace. You can also get one that is tailored for workouts they enjoy the most. Unlike most free programs, a paid one usually has more structure to it too, making it the best gift for your active pal.


3. An activewear gift card

You’d think this is the part where we recommend leggings, sports brastanks, maybe even matching sets… but let’s face it, sizing can be a sensitive subject, even with your bestie. Solve that problem by getting them a gift card instead!

Giving them a gift card also means they get themselves exactly what they need to achieve their fitness goals, so don’t be surprised if they end up buying something you didn’t think about yourself!


4. Workout equipment

Time to convert the friend who swears by no-equipment workouts! Buying them equipment according to their goals is a nice way to show your support to them. Opt to get them anything from the basics, to equipment that they might not be as familiar with. The new year is a time for new options after all!

If you’re not sure what specific equipment to get, opt for a bundle of a few classics! Throw in some self-care essentials and you have yourself a perfect festive gift.

We’re so ready for the holiday szn, aren’t you? Happy holidays, LIVLOLA fam!